Revisiting Waymarking

A couple of years ago the makers of Geocaching went out and tried to expand upon their game. Taking what had become a few popular subsets of geocaching in virtual caches, benchmarking and earthcaches, they creating a more open format that they termed Waymarking. Waymarking essentially was a way for people to get the GPS coords of various objects and places and put them in varying categories on the website. These places had no caches there, so it was more about visiting these places than it was about finding the hidden box of goodies. Continue reading “Revisiting Waymarking”

Week Vacation

So this was an exciting vacation I just got off of.

On Monday we traveled up to Menominee, and did a few chores around the cottage like getting wood at a store, unpacking the car, and eating dinner. Then on Tuesday we went Geocaching to a local park that had four caches in it. We found three of them, but on the last one noticed that we had quite a few ticks on us.

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