Emotional Cutter

I have recently begun going to a therapist because of late I seem to be going down some bad paths. ┬áIn my mind’s eye I feel that I am clearly depressed, I have many of the symptoms of depression. I sleep a lot, eat a lot, never feel happy, never really want to do anything and my need to escape into games has gone up drastically.

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Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Let me preface this post by saying that in my life I have never used any drugs, nor do I want to. I think that with my personality I would get addicted too quickly and it would become a danger to me, much the same reason why I don’t smoke cigarettes and why I control myself when I drink alcohol. I don’t trust myself with them so I don’t do them. Nor do I have any close friends and family whom might benefit from marijuana being legalized. There truly would be little to no personal benefit to legalizing it, this is more a realization that overall marijuana would be a decent drug to legalize. So on with my logic…

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