A Picture of Who I Want to Be.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I am in life and where I want to go. This does correspond with my previous post where I was thinking of ex’s of the past. I was thinking about all the changes they have gone through in life, and then seen where previous friends have gone in their lives and then where I am in mine. I do feel insufficient, though I do feel that I’ve accomplished a lot. Continue reading “A Picture of Who I Want to Be.”


My roommate and I were talking over dinner and in the topic we were discussing, I mentioned that one of my ex’s I had found out fairly recently had gotten married. This got me thinking about past girlfriends and love interests and one thing I realized… during that time period, I was able to attract some really good looking women. Continue reading “Reminiscent”

Goals of 2011-2012

Another fine year down the drain. 2011 had some real downs. I struggled in friendships and money. However, towards the end, things solidified with my friendships gelling together, a raise and a promotion on the way and money isn’t as huge as it once was. Things are looking up! Here is my review of my 2011 goals and goals I plan for 2012. Continue reading “Goals of 2011-2012”

My Weight Loss Coach

I decided to buy My Weight Loss Coach a few weeks ago. This was actually kind of a difficult decision on my part. I didn’t really care for My Word Coach that much, and like it’s predecesor, My Weight Loss Coach carried on the problem of being a bit over-priced. But what ended up to be the selling points of it really were that I need to lose weight, this is the only such thing out there for the DS, and at the very least the pedometer that is included would be nice to have to see how much I’m walking.

Continue reading “My Weight Loss Coach”


Tuesdays are inherintly long days for me. My first class begins at 8:50-9:40am, my second class is from 11am-12:15pm, and my last class is from 4:35-7:05pm. I also go to the hospital to get medication between my second and third classes, and Tuesdays being busy for them as well I often get stuck at the Hospital for a good two hours.

So essentially I have very little time in the day to do anything very large. Today for instance, in between my first two classes I had a small amount of time which I used to meet with classmates for an oral exam that we have on Friday. I use the time in the waiting room at the hospital for reading homework to help keep me caught up. And I use the time between the Hospital and my third class as relaxation, sometimes study if I really need to. Today it was done for 45 minutes of relaxation playing SSX3 on the gamecube. That essentially leaves the hour and a half after class before I go to bed for study and homework. I have a short one page paper to due tomorrow and a worksheet. I am going to skip the worksheet though she will likely collect it, gonna see what I can copy before class… the 1 sheet paper I may skip till my study period between classes tomorrow because I just don’t feel like it tonight and it requires reading the Divine Comedy which I’m just not in the mood for.

Oh and did I mention I rarely eat breakfast OR lunch, and in fact don’t get to really eat until I get home at 7:30pm. I ate a banana before I went to school this morning only because I had a test and I feel that I need to do more than watch TV to wake up my brain so I eat as a way to jumpstart it. I also had a cookie and chocolate milk in the waiting room at the Hospital, and i also was able to eat some broccoli, carrots, and pretzels in my last class since people bring snacks for everyone. It is this type of day that I really hope helps my diet out!


Ok so today I didn’t really do too much. I spent most the day studying, reading, and playing some new gamecube games that I got.

I started up a second blog on wordpress that is private and have also been adding posts to that. That blog is for me to take notes on the Bible as I read it. I’ve never really read the Bible all the way through. I’ve always started but just stopped at some point. So I think that this type of format might help because I basically do a post on every chapter (not every book, but every chapter within the book). This way I see the progress that I am making. In addition, I always like taking notes on the Bible and probably have a few paper notes in various places. I like to think about the Bible and religion and this gives me the opportunity to actually take the notes and then have them fully categorized and searchable. Something I think to be kinda cool actually.

I also went to Uno’s for dinner with my friend. I weighed myself after breakfast this morning and found that I had lost 2.5 pounds. And this is post-breakfast weight! I usually weigh myself before I eat anything, so I was really proud. Eating out and unhealthy was a way for me to celebrate my victory. I said jokingly that it was my attempt to put that weight back on. But her and I have the attitude where we eat healthy during the week and then we can eat a littel better on the weekend as sort of a reward for our healthier eating. I don’t believe you have to eat great all the time, you just got to pick your battles. You need to treat yourself and eat something good sometime otherwise life really isn’t worth living.

I have a test in Spanish tomorrow. I’m not really sure if I’m ready for it yet but hopefully I will be all right. I did all my spanish homework today and went through the book once, and then went through my flash cards for the current 2 chapters 4 times and all my flashcards 1 time so hopefully I will know it. I want to also go through the flash cards at least 2 or 3 times tomorrow morning before the test. I think I’m gonna leave for class 5 or 10 minutes later cause I’m tired of getting to class so early, I feel awkward around the teacher and when I come so early she takes the opportunity to talk to me.