AC2: Two Months Later

It has been a full two months since I picked up Asheron’s Call 2 for a second time, so I thought I would make a post rounding up what I am up to and what I continue to think about this game. Overall, I’m still loving it and still fairly addicted to it. I go home every night after work, log in and look for a group. Every morning before work I try to go kill a few simple tasks that I need to get done. It is a good MMO. A lot of the early issues have been fixed. The servers are stable. You can get past level 50. The whole nine yards. Continue reading “AC2: Two Months Later”

Minor AC2 Suggestions

Now that the servers of Asheron’s Call 2 have been stable for a few weeks, the forums are churning with things to fix and improve upon for this decade old game. I’ve had many of my own thoughts for a long time, but I didn’t want to really put them out until more important things were done. So here is my list of things to fix and things to upgrade, and hopefully most of them would be fairly easy to do (small features). Continue reading “Minor AC2 Suggestions”