Lost Bible

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep because I was thinking about the Nag Hammadi and Book of Judas biblical texts. I’ve been thinking for a long time on a way to do something with them, perhaps writing a book that comments on them, or something like that. But last night I stayed up till midnight doing nothing but copying and pasting them from web sites into word and then formatting them to be similar to what you see in the Bible. Continue reading “Lost Bible”


Somehow got sick over the weekend. Went geocaching in the cold and rain, may have had something to do with it. At least I found the cache=)

I keep thinking about the precedural programming that Will Wright is doing with Spore. I don’t know exaclty what it entails but I keep thinking of how to incorporate it into MMORPGs. Wright says that each creatures is a couple MBs at the largest, maybe even down to several KBs. And these are complicated 3D models that are customized. I keep thinking how cool it would be if a crafter could create his own weapons and armor, designed how he likes them in a procedural wal. They likely wouldn’t take as much space as a full creature in spore… if you could get than number to literally 5-6 kbs per item, this type of behavior could be doable in future MMOs…

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Spores away

Ok so like a couple weeks ago I said I was going to be dedicating like 15 minutes a day to this blog and I never did it until now because, well finals were this week and I had 5 papers, 2 finals, an oral final, and 2 presentations to give. Well now I’m done and I can get on with my life.

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Changing focus

Ok I never really worked on this blog and there are a few reasons for it. One is that I got two other blogs to ignore so I have no time to ignore this one too. The other is I sometimes have a hard time posting to this blog without making it feel redundant… so I thought of a really neat idea last night on how to refocus this blog…

The General Idea is this (Patent Pending)

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Another blog another day

This is my third current running blog. My other two relate to my medical aspects and my dreams… this one will just be random thoughts and ideas that I have. Much more conversational. In fact I hope I get more commenting only so I have a forum to talk about these thoughts I have and develop them better. I don’t know how often I will update it, my medical blog gets updated about once a week, dream one well whenever I have a dream and actually remember to post (once a month) so I am guessing this one will run a new post once every week or two.

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