Hotspot on the spot

I was listening to the latest episode of Gamespot’s Hotspot today and they were talking about video game reviews and such. And while they were talking about how they didn’t feel people were interested in people’s opinion on games and the art of games, etc and that is why reviews on games are more technical and neutral than movie and music reviews.

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EQ2 Re-Addiction

I got re-addicted to EQ2 this summer. Now I don’t think it is because EQ2 is a great game or anything. On the contrary, but it is getting better. The problem is that it just seems to be the best currently available without going back to the older generation of games, which were good but I think their time is done in my life.
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Nobody’s Watching

Last night I found out about the hit TV show that never aired: “Nobody’s Watching.” This show was created by Bill Lawrence (of Scrubs & Spin City fame) and 2 of the writers from Family Guy. The show was originally made for NBC but after seeing the pilot, NBC passed. Then the show was shopped at WB who after hearing some concerning screening feedback decided to pass on it too. The show died. That is, until a few weeks ago when someone posted the show on Then it became a hit with over 350,00 views. Now studios are once again looking at it to see if they shouldn’t pick it up for their lineup this coming year.
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I just downloaded the beta of Flock and playing around with the new browser and all it’s nifty little features. It is actually kind of cool. It’s essentially FireFox with a little beef added to it. The UI is very slick and much nicer than FireFox. It also has integration with Flickr, photo bucket,, blogger, live journal, and other online services to name a few. I can upload pictures, put them into blogs or emails share my favorites lists, and put favorites into delicious. All this with little to no extra effort, without ever visiting a website and without using up my link bar on silly text links that take up lots of space. They don’t seem to have integrated support for frappr or kaboodle yet which would be lovely additions, but maybe those will come down the pipe. Oh they also have support for technorati which makes adding the blog and tagging it easy as pie and you will likely see my blogs now have technorati tags attached to them.

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The good and the bad

Well the day didn’t go as planned exactly. The normal receptionist lady wasn’t there today for whatever reason so I wasn’t able to make a request for the nurse that I like. I was still hoping that she would see me and grab me, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I ended up with a different nurse.

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More sticks

Decided not to go yesterday to get my daily factor because, well I’m not sure if I really needed to go and I am getting tired of getting stuck. My arms couldn’t really take more. So I skipped yesterday in favor of going today. Continue reading “More sticks”