Can CoH be saved?

Every now and then I get a hankering to play City of Heroes again, lately I’ve been getting into this urge again and have reactivated my account just a short time ago. COH (I realize some call it CoX since Villains but come on, you can’t do this to an established name) is actually in one of the more interesting positions in the MMO market. At launch it was met with rave reviews. It was fun, it was bug free, it used new concepts that were just starting to take off, and it innovated. What could go wrong with such a stunning game? Continue reading “Can CoH be saved?”

Weekly Response #9

This week’s response is to Ducheneaut, Yee, Nickell, & Moore’s “Alone Together?” paper on social dynamics in MMOs using World of Warcraft. It was actually a fairly frustrating paper because these four seemed to have boughten a “Jump to Conclusions Pad” from the Office Space store. They kept on coming up with conclusions that were way off basis, and never made any attempt at reason why what they said was true. It was amazing, and I am sure my prof will make a bold claim that this paper is quite popular and make me cry in the process. The weird thing is that I don’t disagree with everything they say (though alot), however how they come up with their conclusions is just ridiculous and don’t really prove anything. It’s a waste of time to read.

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Battlestar Gallactica Finale

Well a lot happened that I figured would, but it was still good. Spoiler alert if you care.

First, the obvious Starbuck. I knew they couldn’t go long without her return, I knew she’d be back before the end of the season. I knew this because they “killed” her off in mid-season. Now what is up with her, not entirely sure. I suspect she is a Cylon, however I hope to all gods that she is not. I have heard some theories that say perhaps the storm she flew into was a portal to jupiter or something and that is how she got to Earth, I don’t necessarily buy this cause it doesn’t explain how she survived the explosion (or more importantly how the raptor did). Still I hope somehow that this is it because I really can’t stomach the idea of her being a cylon.

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New things I found.

My professor this week mentioned a new weird firefox app that uses your surfing to play an MMO-like game. It is called PMOG and you can find it at (who knows how they got that site name from budweiser or why not but who cares). It is an interesting little app, you run around and do quests (which consists of surfing some websites someone put together) and you get experience. After so much xp, you get a level. However, it also keeps track of what kinds of sites you surf and then gives you a profile based on that (and you can choose traits for yourself too). So right now my number 1 category surfed is “web” and number 2 is “games.” Continue reading “New things I found.”

Weekly Response #8 – Apprenticeship in MMOs

I missed posting a couple of these weekly responses because some were overly complicated and difficult to understand if you weren’t in the class, some were extremely basic and pointless, and then last week we didn’t have one. So I am finally starting this again, this particular paper is a response to my teacher’s, Constance Steinkuehler, paper on apprenticeship in Virtual Worlds. It wasn’t actually that good of a paper, didn’t really say much of anything at all other than people teach each other about MMOs, but I didn’t concentrate on that in this response. Continue reading “Weekly Response #8 – Apprenticeship in MMOs”