New Computer

I got the final pieces to my new computer last Thursday and then promptly got it set up. I was up till midnight the first night and I went to bed with the happy knowledge that I got it up and running with Windows cleanly running. Actually the whole process went fairly smoothly. I had a couple hiccups, but all the pieces worked perfectly and once I made sure all the power connectors were hooked up, it was up within minutes. Continue reading “New Computer”

Why has become irrelevant

I have been a long time reader and user of I have had apps on my homepages for years to get the latest stuff off of Digg. The idea is great, allow users to choose what news stories are actually worth looking at and which ones aren’t. However, over the last few months I have noticed an alarming trend with the site and it stems largely from the fact that users make up stories for the sole purpose of putting on Digg.

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Sundance Cinemas

Over the weekend I went to see “TV Set” at the Sundance Cinemas here in town for a birthday treat. Sundance opened 2 weekends ago now, and I have been very excited for quite awhile for the new indie theater here in Madison. So it seemed only natural to pick a movie and give the theater a shot.

First off, lemme say the choice of the movie was fairly random. We looked through descriptions, saw trailors made the best of what was there. The treat was to go to Sundance, we weren’t going for any particular movie. I think I had seen trailors for TV Set previously and thought it looked interesting so that is where we went. It also looked like it was somewhat funny which we have been in the mood for somewhat recently. The other movies the Sundance offered seemed largely foreign. In a lot of different languages including Russian and German which I found quite interesting. (Usually you either have Asian or French). There were only 2 or 3 movies in English which really isn’t a big deal but sometimes you just don’t feel like reading.

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Back to Blogging

So over the last couple of weeks I haven’t been updating my site as much largely because finals were on. Last night I finished my last final paper and sent it in, so now I am officially done with school and plan to get back to updating this site.

Since I’m starting a new summer I thought I’d lay out what my goals for the summer are. Continue reading “Back to Blogging”

Neriak returns to EQ

With the recent announcement that Neriak will be returning to the Everquest universe, I’m pretty excited. Yeah it is cool that something with a given history like EQ1 lore in it is making its way into EQ2, but I never played EQ1 much so that part I don’t care about. What is exciting about the announcement is that it is coming (I think along with another low level zone) free of charge later this month. Yeah you heard me!

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The Four Categories of MMOs and their relation to each other

Yesterday in class, my professor was talking about Worldiness vs. Gaminess in MMOs and categorized EQ as more of a worldey game and WoW as more of a gamey game. The second part I don’t really mind, but the first part I thought was odd as while EQ does indeed have more of a world to it, it certainly isn’t world based, it is still a very gamey game. So during class, making good use of the time, I drew an outline rating what I felt was the most worldey and gamey games in the MMO world and what I realized on this list was that there was a tendency for them to be grouped by some very specific types.

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