Corn Fest ’08

Every year Sun Prairie has an event dedicated to corn, rightly called the Corn Fest. Essentially you go, you eat corn, drink beer, and go on some carnival rides. It’s small but since I grew up in Sun Prairie, it is somehow nice to go back and do it every year if I can. Plus, the corn is somehow better than anything I can make on my own. Not sure what I’m doing wrong with corn but oh well.

The corn fest has definitely grown over the years. Even from a couple of years ago I have noticed a growth. There used to be one music stand and maybe a half dozen booths near the corn, now adays there are a few music stands and maybe two dozen booths. I don’t know if this is good or bad really. The additions don’t seem to be very high quality, nor do they really seem to add much to the fest, but whatever, it is natural for these things to grow I guess.

One significant change I noticed this year was that they made us de-husk our own corn which I don’t remember ever doing. I didn’t mind really, but it was kind of annoying all the same. I thought it was nice that it was part of the experience that we paid our price and got our corn back all ready for us to eat.

The corn was still better than I’ve ever been able to do on my own, and it was fun to go back to my hometown and see how things have changed. I always wonder who from my high school is still around Sun Prairie, as I almost never see anyone I went to high school with. It isn’t like I was in a small 200 student school either, there were a good two or three thousand there (not giant but not small). And I never see anyone, not that I want to.