Dragon Adopters

I recently found another little toy for my website. You may have noticed it on the right side of my posts, it is a little dragon. This is for a new website called dragonadopters.com that allows you to grow a dragon from an egg on up. Your dragon generates resources which you can then use to create items that help it gain more resources much like any RPG out there.

Dragonadopters The point of this little app is kind of difficult to really figure out, but it does seem to have purpose. By getting a higher level dragon, it not only grows, but it is ranked with other player’s dragons. At this point this ranking is the only point to the game, but in all honesty is one of the only points in most games out there. Your dragon gets experience, and thus levels, by people who visit your website and click on the dragon. That gives the dragon a bonus to xp. So theoretically, the site that has a lot of clicky traffic is going to eventually get the highest ranking.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of meat to the game. There are five dragon races to choose from, and there are rare items that you can get created. You can also get different colored items by trading resources with other players who have different types of dragons and creating the items with those resources. But that’s pretty much it. Like I said fairly limited.

There is an off-chance that this could drive traffic to your website, much like most of these things, just by people looking up your info when they stumble upon your dragon in the rankings or in trades. However, they bury it in the user profile and not on the dragon’s page which would be a nice upgrade.

I think the little game has promise. It is only in beta testing right now which means a lot could still be done with it. I think it needs an ultimate purpose or goal outside of just a higher ranking, and other things to do other than grow. It might be nice to eventual do dragon fights or have different types of items to be crafted. But for right now it is cute. I’m not sure how long it will last for me, but it is worth playing with in the meantime.

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