April Fool’s nonsense

Call me an April Fool’s Scrooge, but this has got to be my least favorite event of the year. At one time I am sure it was supposed to be a holiday of good fun, but now it is just plain annoying (for good fun call speak like a pirate day).

I for one was happy that this year I did not have my daughter for the first time in several years. You see she likes to April Fool’s as I’m sure a lot of kids do. However, I don’t think she actually gets it. She understands that you are supposed to play pranks and such on people but the jokes she pulls largely equate to a “look over there a monkey! April Fool’s!” and yes the april fool’s bit happens almost immediately after the look! bit.

Now adays, the internet seems to be a lot like my eight year old daughter. Several years ago a website decided to start posting fake news stories. They were often very funny, based in something that could happen but you couldn’t believe did. People would often go on for days afterwards talking about the “news” on such and such event, not fully knowing that it was a joke. It turned out to be a wild hit that spawned a yearly event where nearly every website posts an April Fool’s joke that is extremely lame, and transparently false. Followed by an immediate “APRIL FOOL’S” at the end which makes you roll your eyes because like anybody couldn’t tell what it was.

My message here to anyone who might post these stupid news stories… stop! For the love of God stop! It was cute when it started, but like any child, you guys have overdone it and lowered the quality of it so for the love of god stop. You’ve ruined it, I hope you are proud of yourselves. About the only one I’ve seen this particular year that was decent was this particular example largely because it leaked out before April Fool’s and ya know what the screens were good.