The good and the bad

Well the day didn’t go as planned exactly. The normal receptionist lady wasn’t there today for whatever reason so I wasn’t able to make a request for the nurse that I like. I was still hoping that she would see me and grab me, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I ended up with a different nurse.

However, she did walk by and saw me and stopped by and talked with me for 3 or 4 minutes. I didn’t ask her for her phone number in this but it did reassure me quite a bit that she stopped and talked to me. Other nurses will say hi to me as they pass by, none will actually stop and chat for a few minutes. So it gives me faith that she is interested in me.

I told her at one point that I had nothing going on this weekend, knowing full well this was a lie. I have my daughter this weekend. So I sort of painted myself into a corner where I would almost have to ask her out for the weekend, but I couldn’t and if I didn’t ask her out I’d have to come up with a reason why I didn’t, and honestly I don’t wanna lie to her too much. I just don’t want her to know about my daughter quite yet.

I am not afraid of telling her about my daughter, but I think that is something you bring up somewhere in the 2nd th 5th date range. I wanna make sure she is interested before I go there. I don’t want her to look at my health issues AND my daughter, that might be a bit much for someone still deciding whether they wanna give me a chance. Now granted, she may already know about the daughter… I have talked about my daughter before to her co-workers, just not to her. But I am not going to take that chance.

I may go in early next week to see if I can get a number. Then I will have an open weekend next week to set up a date and that would also allow me to wait a day or two before calling her. This plan could end up good. I did at the very least get some reassurances today which may be the most important part.