Remembered past

Last Wednesday I went into surgery. The night before I had dreamt of the girl that I am still in love with after 4 or 5 years in which I haven’t even seen her. Spent the entire day thinking about her and convinced myself that in the next couple of weeks that I would try to find her again to see if I could somehow get back together with her.

That is why I am more than a little shocked by what happened Friday. I needed to go in and get an infusion in the chemotherapy unit even though I do not have cancer… and the nurse absolutely won me over. She was awesome in every way. She wasn’t hugely tall, but not short. She was cute, had red-hair, which I don’t normally go for but worked with her. She had lots of earrings which I dug, told me she used to have an eyebrow ring, and I like that punk side.

I think she was a couple years younger than me but not too much younger. She had only worked there for 5 months. I had never seen her before even though I had been going in for a couple of months. But what really got me was her personality. She was quite perky which again I usually don’t go for, but she was sarcastic at the same time, which I love because I am too. She was awesome. I was amazed and I walked away thinking of her.

I can’t stop thinking of her, in fact, and now I sit wondering what the etiquette is on trying to hit on a nurse. Is it OK to ask a nurse for her phone number? I wonder if she has a boyfriend. I wonder if she would date a patient with… even if I don’t have the problems that her other patients have, I still have issues that someone may not want to deal with. On the other hand perhaps the fact that she became a nurse means that she might be more open to that than an average person might. So many issues. I will see if I can get her on Tuesday when I see her again.