It has been awhile since I’ve made a post, so now that my life has started to settle down I thought it was time to get back in it. There has been a lot going on in my life, not the least of which is a server move in which I upgrade my hosting account that I think will save me some money in the long run.Moving has really been the theme since I’ve been gone. I also moved to a new condo that I purchased towards the end of last month. This was a pretty big deal for me. I hadn’t really ever wanted to own because I think there are a lot of negatives in owning, most of which stem from the fact that people actually think they own and they don’t, they are renting it just like everyone else. But I’m also just lazy and don’t want to do my own repairs, lawn mowing, upgrades, etc.

The story on how this came to be is that at the end of this last lease at my former apartment, my long time roommate and I decided to part ways and live separately. Probably something that was a long time coming and hopefully will be good for both of us.

In ending this relationship, the hard part is finding living situations that worked for both of us on fairly low incomes. I think I would have been fine had I been looking for a one bedroom. But because of my daughter hitting the age of thirteen fairly soon I decided that she should have her own bedroom at my place for once instead of sharing it with me. [1. To be fair, I did want my own bedroom for once too!!! Honestly, the last time I’ve really had my own bedroom was when I was living with my mom 11 years ago so it’s nice to have my own space!.]

This meant that on a fairly low income I needed to find a two bedroom apartment. Oh and I’d also prefer it to not be in the crime ridden ghetto, thank you. I also wanted it to be somewhat near my job in hopes of lowering my gas bills and increasing free time.

This was a lot to ask for. I really couldn’t find anyplace near my work at all, was even having a hard time finding one bedrooms, which I was still considering. It seemed like I’d only really be able to find places far away or in really bad neighborhoods. I think the best one that I found was $795 a month and 30 minutes away, only a small amount shorter trip to work.

In finding this condo, my monthly fees will be about $650 a month, or roughly the same amount that I was paying previously with my roommate. It is 15-20 minutes away from work, only half the distance of our previous location. And in addition to having two bedrooms, is actually a nicer place overall than I would have gotten for the $800 of the above place. Nicer overall neighborhood, nicer condition. Just overall nicer.

So, in a nutshell, that’s where I have been. Honestly, I’m still dealing with the move quite a bit and haven’t entirely gotten settled in yet even though it has been a few weeks. It’s getting closer though.

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