New Year’s Goals 2010

I don’t necessarily know how into New Year’s Resolutions I really am, but here I am setting some goals for the new year. I personally just don’t like the arbitrariness of doing it because it is a new year. While I am setting up some goals here for myself, the truth is, many of these I’ve started months ago, some I started shortly before the new year, and some I am just picking up. Overall, I like to better myself from time to time, and I also like to better different aspects of my life. So I thought I would put down those goals here, broken up by my different lives.

My Online Life

I think the easiest goal for me is to get back into this blog fully. Over the last couple of months I have been breaking from it. I stopped posting, and I stopped working on the redesign. So I want to get back into both into a regular basis and get the new site design up and running.

While this kind of tends to run into my gaming life, I also want to get into a new MMO. I liked playing MMOs and I feel like my life as a whole over the last year has been a tad empty without one. Don’t get me wrong, I get along fine, and most days I don’t even turn on my computer when I get home. But I miss grouping up and killing some baddies with friends.

My Gaming Life

I have all sorts of games that I started but never finished. This has bugged me, and in a year that I am likely to be stretching my bucks a little more as my roommate goes to school, it’d probably be a good idea to stop buying new games when I haven’t even finished the old ones yet.

Oddly enough, while this is going on, I kind have been in an RPG kick of late as well. And one thing I think that would be kind of cool would be to go through and buy basically every RPG I can and play it. What I thought would be a good start would be to go through the RPGs of the NES, SNES, and Genesis (and if there is any on the TurboGrafx). Because these are lower cost games on the Virtual Console, but are still every bit as worth playing as they were back in the old days. I already have Final Fantasy and Shining Force to go through and am hoping by the end of those that there will be more available. (There are also a couple of WiiWare RPGs I could do as well).

My Work Life

I would like to be able to get out of my current job and into a new one. Whether that job is within the same company or out of the company, I don’t really have a preference. A few months ago the goal that I made was to be in a new job by Memorial Day as that would be two years in my current position. I loved my job when it was actually my job, but over the past year they have systematically taken out my job and made it a different job. And that new job, I hate. So even though it pays well and the benefits are actually good, I need to get out.

In a goal that is sort of related to both my work and my personal life, I decided I wanted to stop complaining. I feel like I complain a lot. And while I have always believed that my complaining comes out of caring about what I complain about (because I want it to be better). I don’t think it feels that way from other’s perspectives and I think that hurts me both at work and in my personal life. So I’d like to try to stop it.

My Personal Life

Probably my most cliche goal is to lose weight. Over the last three or four years I think I have put on too much weight, and though I don’t think I’m really gaining anymore, I always have wanted to get skinnier. I have always felt that I could get a B class woman, but lately I feel my weight has made me have to resort to C class, if that (confidence obviously isn’t helping either). To do this, I’ve been trying to eat a little better, more veggies, smaller portions, and I’d like to get back on skim milk as well.

My last goal I guess isn’t entirely a goal but more of a continuation. I really like that I am getting the opportunity to meet new people of late and get out of the house and I’d like to continue down that road. I am hoping that branches out and gets me out to do more things and meet more people and become more personable. I am so scared of people and sometimes I grow tired of it.

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