My life seems to be extremely goal orientated right now however I’m not actually very good at fulfilling them so this is one step to try. I am going to list here a few of the goals that I have.

  1. Write a book.
    1. First step in this goal is to get in the habit of writing. So I have set a smaller goal of writing about 300 words a day, regardless of what it is about. This is just a practice I think will be good for me to get in the habit of writing. Most of these will come in the form of this blog (hopefully). But I am also going to try to fufill this via term papers in class, and even writing the real book
      1. In addition, I eventually want this number to increase from 300 a day to 600 a day, to 1000 a day. This way when I hit 1000 a day I will hopefully be used to it enough to transitiion into more serious book writing
    2. School. I need to not only keep going and do well in school, but I also need to concentrate on classes that will better my writing in some way. I feel I have done this to a certain extent by concentrating on Literature classes, but I think next semester I should try to focus more on the grammatical side and actual writing classes.
  2. Become a Game Developer
    1. Meet people in the industry. I have started this process, going to the IGDA Madison chapter meeting last Thursday, and am now helping to create their website so that I am helping out and showing true interest. I also intend on going to GDC this year and meeting people nationally there. I am also taking a game oriented class and intend on taking more next semester.
    2. Work on my own design. This I am doing though, less now that school has started. I want to be able to create my own game on paper, and maybe even my own puzzle game in reality to release for free and deluxe versions to start earning income and get experience in the field.
    3. Start my own gaming company. This is something I am working on. I think I have some interesting funding ideas to get it started and have a number of initial games to do. I also have a few friends that I believe that I can convince into joining up and building the first game with me for money after release. Actually the main thing on this fron that I am working on is what I want to call the company and then I plan on talking to lawywers to see how to get it started.
    4. School. Again school is something I’ve been doing, and one of the suggestions I had early on when I decided to be a game designer was to take a lot of different types of classes. Essentially I should learn about a lot of different things. I think I have done that to large extent. I have taken history, math, computer science, tons of literature on various subjects (Urdu, Russian, Multi-cultural, Shakespeare, Classic, and am currently taking Detective Fiction), Mideval warfare, sciences (like evolution and geography) and arts. I need to continue that but also start going more towards game centric classes which I started this semester doing.
  3. Lose 50 lbs.
    1. Diet! I Have started a meager diet because I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last couple of years and I’d like to get down so that I’m more confident and have a better chance of meeting someone. I’ve switched to low fat foods a lot more, I’ve started eating smaller portions, I’ve started eating more fruits and vegetables, and I’ve tried removing candy and chocolate from my diet. I just need to continue this and perhaps get alittle better and more consistant with it.
    2. Exercise. This is something I did start doing during the spring with Geocaching, but during a few weeks where it became unbearably hot and then followed up with a lot of rain I got out of the habit. I would like to reclaim this activity as it did a very good job at getting me out and exercising regularly.

Any more goals? I don’t think I can think of any now, but these are the big three which of course lead to other bigger things. (Marriage, career, and the ever elusive happiness). Hopefully I can continue to work towards these goals!

Word Count: 763!!!

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