Visiting my Brother

Over the weekend I went to my brother’s house in Ohio with my mom and my roommate. They recently had a new baby and we wanted to go down and see the new kid and also visit since honestly I hadn’t been to their place in 4 or 5 years if not longer.

The trip is a good 8 hours away and what I learned most on this particular trip is that it is high time I stop taking trips with my mother. I swear to god she acted as bad if not worse than my daughter almost the entire trip and I was just overly annoyed by her.

It is unfortunate though because there are quite a number of benefits for going with her. She pays for a good portion of the gas and hotel costs which lowers trip costs quite a bit. She also drives part of the way and on an eight hour trip, this isn’t a small deal. This may be negated however as she needs to stop 3 or 4 times along the way and dawdle at every single stop. Whereas I just want to get out of the car and to our destination. I don’t like to be in the car apparently she does.

The trip itself was ok. The saturday seemed kind of awkward, it really didn’t seem like my brother and his wife really wanted us around. Or maybe they felt the need to do stuff and they didn’t really like what we were doing, all we really did was go to a play land for one of their kids, went shoe shopping and then went and babysat the two kids. The Sunday went much better however, we went to the Toledo Art Museum which was surprisingly good, and then went to dinner at their house and chatted the night away.