Change is in the Air

It seems fitting that the time of the year is Autumn. A time of change. Everything in my life seems to be changing too, for better or worst has yet to be seen.

I’ve already posted about how I recently bought a new condo and moved into it. This was not only just a change in where I live, but it is also the first time I have ever lived on my own in my life. I definitely get lonely at times, but honestly I feel I am adjusting fine. Besides not having someone here to chat with I think the next biggest difference is trying to figure out cooking and how much to cook by myself.

After living at the condo for about a month and a half, I decided to get myself a new cat. The cat I brought with me to this house was a playful cat that had also never been on its own and I think missed the companionship. This actually has surprised me in that the old cat hasn’t adjusted well to the new cat. It doesn’t help that she has gotten a bacterial infection in her eyes and now has become sullen and withdrawn. I can’t blame given the stress and sickness in her life that she is a different cat, but I miss how she used to be and feel that I have two new cats that I didn’t have previously instead of one.

This week, my car broke down and this forced me to buy a new car. I got a 2007 Toyota Corolla with 47,000 miles on it. I don’t think it was a bad deal either, but it is another change in my mind. 1

About a month ago I also went out and changed my hair color, from blonde to black. I figured, why not, everything else is changing in my life why not my hair? I’m also growing it out instead of leaving it short like I’ve done for the last few years. You know, ironically I did it because I felt that I needed change in my life. Albeit this happened after my new home. You’d think a new living location would be enough of a change right? Guess not.

If all that wasn’t enough, I began more actively searching for a new job. I like my job well enough, if it was actually my job. The problem is we keep on taking tasks from other departments, and these tasks are really boring tasks as well and not really ones we should be taking. It is depressing and makes it hard to be there. It started with a friend who knew of a position at another company. I’m really hoping to get the position because it would mean about a 10% pay increase and with the new home and car bills, in addition the old credit card and student loans, I could really use a little extra cash. I also am going to apply to Epic, though I’m not putting much hope there, they don’t hire people like me much. I hope I can get the first job, I really do. I need a better job and I could use extra cash. I actually worry that with my bills I may need to go get a part time job to help pay off some of my bills, but because of my disability I am not sure if I will be able to physically sustain that for long…

Yeah, change is in the air. Though the fact that it is all happening in the autumn is strange, I am really hoping that what comes next does not compare to the death and desolation of winter. After all, Winter is Coming.


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  1. Not to mention another thing that I have to pay, suffice it to say, I feel sufficiently poor now.