No Man’s Sky Survival #4 – The Flying Lands (NMS 1.3 Atlas Rises Gameplay) – Razakius

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Youtube description Below: Welcome to my No Man’s Sky Let’s Play series! In this series, I am exploring the universe of NMS 1.3 – Atlas Rises on PS4 in Survival Mode. In this video, we travel to a new planet in search of hyperdrive technology and find a pretty amazing place.

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No Man’s Sky is a space exploration sandbox game that charges you with getting to the center of the universe. Along the way you will discover alien creatures and plant life, name planets, create bases and get cool starships! NMS is a procedurally generated game with hundreds of trillions of planets to explore, each with its own unique flora and fauna.

The latest No Man’s Sky update… 1.3 Atlas Rises… rebalanced the space economy, added portals, over 30 hours of additional story, added missions, freighter classes, and much much more.

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