Quest for the Sword of Lost Light

As you can see, not a whole lot has happened since my last journal. I did manage to reach level 46 killing the native bugs and have been concentrating a little more on health, and soon stamina. I have been hunting predominately in the OHN with a little LoD thrown in for flavor. I hope to have a future journal detailing my strategy in the nest, but here’s a hint, go right.

Level 46

I was fighting soldiers as per the usual for me when Kohlia logged in and said she was going to attempt to get the Sword of Lost Light. Being the good monarch that I try to be I offered to help as soon as I sold all the junk I was luggin around.  (Plus I needed it with this character as well!)

Remembering the tragedy that befell us on our last trip (with my other character) where both she and another friend had died, I took it upon myself to see if I could find some help on the job. I soon recruited Stranger II, Mythras, and Greystar to join in, but Greystar had some technical difficulties and couldn’t do it. And then we were on our way.

Group photo of SoLLAfter stocking up I opened a portal to subway where we hopped a train to Mayoi and ran to the South Dires Portal. There we proceeded to buff up and put on our good armor and hopped in the portal.

The run through the South Dires wasn’t too bad. There were alot of various golems, tuskers, virindi, greivvers, and luggies but they weren’t too hard to run past though we did get stuck the occasional time with an imperil IV from a Striker. The main thing was is that this is a LONG run, I am sure there is a shorter way to get there but not by much. There aren’t any tyable portals in the area that people actually go to so we had to run it.

Once we got there, we rested off the debuffs, buffed up again and proceeded through the various doors of the dungeon. I didn’t write down the order of the doors because I had previously (and it is now buried somewhere in my papers) but Kohlia may have, if she does I will see if we can get the order posted in the message boards.

It isn’t a very huge dungeon because in a few minutes we were down on the bottom. Throughout the dungeon there are a few Lichs but not a great deal, that changes a little on the bottom where there are a bunch of Lichs scattered along the way.

We made our way through the Lichs and got into the main room. The main room has about 6 Lichs, 2 Lich Lords, 1 Granite Golem, and the Guardian. We quickly dispatched all of these, so quickly in fact that I wondered why we had a hard time the last time we went.

My new fire orbThere is a 14 minute wait for each spawn so there was a lot of downtime just sitting around and chatting. We also helped someone who came in to get her Sword as well. It was a very successful quest and lots of fun.

The Sword of Lost Light quest is one of the best quests in the game and is vaunted for each sword user to get. It’s not the greatest sword in the world since the Atlans came about, but the dev team continues to update it with oils and the recent acid add-on to keep it viable. Not to mention it is still a huge status symbol.

I would like to thank Stranger II and Mythras for helping us get it. (and for those of you wondering, no there is not a fire orb.)