EQ2: Lesser Faydark

After long last, I finally got into a new zone in EoF. The jump between Steamfont and Lesser Faydark is huge, you can’t really go straight from one to the other, you really need to stop over in Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, and Sinking Sands first. There is a dungeun instance that you could go to instead named Klak’anon, it seems to be the main bridge. However, it is rather dull and uninteresting and has few quests and is more group oriented. So if you want to do quests, gain AA, and solo, you are bessed served in one of the others.

Lesser Faydark itself, is yet again another giant zone that isn’t only horizontal, it is vertical. It seems to be in a cliff valley that has become overgrown with giant mushrooms and vines running everywhere. I believe you can get onto many of the cliffs because when you look up you can see the cliffs with vines running from them to big mushrooms nearby, this tells me there is pathing but I haven’t really had the time to explore them much. I have roamed around various vines and have found many shortcuts because of them, so they definitely have purpose. The zone isn’t anything like Greater Faydark, but moreso than the previous zones due to the more forested feel.

There are several little camps that all have quests in them instead of having one large camp like previous EoF zones have had. Because of this, LF has the only system of horses within EoF. Horses are exactly like carpets in SS or Griffons in TS or Nek. You have to go to the stable master in order to unlock the station and then you get a small bit of xp and can use that station from then on. It is a shame that the horses are only in LF, because Butcherblock especially could use a horse route from the docks to GF. I have found that Kelethin natives have the most difficult time getting to Sinking Sands considering you have to travel through a huge zone and a half in order to get there, where the other cities have a carpet in town. It is sad.

The monsters in this zone are kind of so so, though it does have its moments. They have evil fairies, wisps, shamblers (the new earth elementals), and thexians as some of their main enemies. They also have added in Centaurs, Slithers, and Dryads from the lower levels of antonica to mix things up a bit, and I think the new enemy for the zone is the Unicorn. I think there are also bixies somewhere in the zone as I have gotten a quest for honeybees and I presume this actually is a type of bixie. So the mix seems to be a very natural type which isn’t unexpected. The quests so far have been rather unrewarding. In previous zones I’ve gotten some really nice items and some fun ones, so far here I have just gotten money, though I may be pretty far down on the quest lists so the end result might be better than what I am getting now.

On a side note, this is the first time that I have gotten a char above 50 in EQ2 and I find it very strange to note that you don’t get the 50+ spells in app1 automatically anymore. You actually gotta go to a broker to buy them. Kinda sucks not knowing what special spells you got in this particular level. That’s always been my favorite part of leveling. But I understand why they did it.