So a few weeks ago I went to a meeting for the IGDA Madison Chapter. In doing so I volunteered to work on their website. I’m not sure if I blogged this before so I’m recapping it. All this goes to fulfilling my game design goal of getting into the industry. Going to the meeting helps me meet people in the field and maybe learn some things about the industry, and volunteering makes me look interested and gives me resume fodder. So hopefully this will help…

Well tonight the main guy who heads up the chapter decided to give me basically the charge of the website. He would email me what to do and then I would do what I can and try to unload what I can’t do to the other volunteer. I’m still not autonomous on it but it feels good that he wanted me to be like the go to guy on the project. I worry that I will just take all the work myself, but hopefully I will get good at delegating from this which is something I’ve never really had to deal with on a large scale before.

Oh I suppose I should plug the site at IGDAMadison.com.

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  1. Hey Razakius. I’ve been browsing through your articles here and I’m impressed. This IGDA website is especially curious. Wisconsin, right? I wish I lived nearby! Congratulations on being chosen, by the way.

    I’ll be sure to stop by again, you have some nice stuff here.

  2. I haven’t touched that site for awhile, but thanks. Went back to it to check to see if it was still using my design and yeah looks like it. Am still getting a credit over there so yay I guess… Haven’t touched it or heard from them in months though lol (they said I was still going to do work for it but then never contacted me after the initial bit).

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