New fan and Domain

Well I finally got my fan, installed it, and now my computer seems to be running back at normal. I think the computer is getting hotter than it was when the water cooler was actually working, but hopefully this will work and it only needs to really work for games for another few months. After that I doubt my roommate will ever put a game in the system.

Over the weekend I registered about 4 or 5 domains. 1 was for my real name (which I won’t disclose here at this point), 2 are for a possible business name (which I also won’t be disclosing) and one is for this site. I also payed the money to get the domain to point towards wordpress so now if you want to go to this site, you just have to go to and you will come here. It isn’t a huge deal but I thought it’d be nice to have one form of my online name registered.