New Computer

I got the final pieces to my new computer last Thursday and then promptly got it set up. I was up till midnight the first night and I went to bed with the happy knowledge that I got it up and running with Windows cleanly running. Actually the whole process went fairly smoothly. I had a couple hiccups, but all the pieces worked perfectly and once I made sure all the power connectors were hooked up, it was up within minutes.

The computer itself is a dream. It is extremely quiet! You can barely tell that it is even on even with the TV and AC off. My last computer however, was really noisy and often required me to go and turn the TV up just to hear it over the computer. The new one also seems much cooler, no longer do I sit at my desk and feeling hotter than I would be if I stood 10 feet away. I also think the overall room is much cooler, so yet another positive.

Lastly, the graphics are amazing. Whereas my previous computer could barely run EQ2 at extreme performance, I now run EQ2 in Very High Quality instead as a standard setting, and I could probably even raise it to extreme Quality, but I don’t want to push it and end up with lag. Right now it runs beautifully without any lag, I can go everywhere with great graphics.

Overall, I got to say that I’m very happy with the performance of the new computer and feel it was money well spent!