Wrapping Up Four Months

I wish that I could say I really have nothing to post about over the last 4 months since my last real post, but that would be an utter lie. Truth is, I’ve been busy as heck and a lot has happened in many aspects of my life. Unfortunately many other things have not happened. I’ll try to sum up in a nutshell.

Travian became a major time sink in my life over the last few months. After playing through most of the server as #1 or #2 the entire server, I let the alliance leaders talk me into taking a WW. In addition, I took over a lot of the alliance leadership tasks due to more absenteeism in the leadership. And my main duals left the account. This meant that I had far too much on my plate in the server. In the end, we completed the server with a level 98 WW, in second place for the WW run, and #3 population on the server. 1 I wasn’t able to make quite the offensive splash I was hoping as once of my best friends in the game accidentally took out half my hammer (woops). The server over all was filled with newbs and backstabbing traitors and it left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Have never seen a server like that and didn’t care for it one bit. I will probably return for another server and am already lining up a crew to take it on.

The travian stuff had its ups and downs. I did fall for someone in the game and that kept me busy. But the game also caused some real life issues when I started ignoring my real life friends and relationships in favor of the game. Despite the game being over, the relationship is still on the mends and I am working diligently to repair the damage that is done. I have vowed that if I do return to Travian that I return with more duals and never again taking on either a leadership role or a WW.

On the work front, I’m still in the same dead end job with Medicaid. I was hopeful for a short while of landing a Technical Writer job in the same company, and it seemed like I actually got close to getting it. However, they went in favor of another person who had slightly more experience and have promised to give me overtime to help me gain experience. The thought is that they may be hiring a second person in the same position in the next five or six months and that if they put me in a good position they can give me training and experience to warrant the job. Hopefully I don’t screw it up so that they don’t even want to give me the chance.

Things I’ve done… went to the cottage for an impromptu weekend away, gardening two garden plots with many different types of plants, went to a few shows including Ted’s Band from Scrubs and The Lion King, seen countless movies, etc. And now yes struggling to get money together as my roommate has been without a job for sometime due to school.

So things have been good and bad. Not sure if this entirely does the job of recapping the last several months but hopefully it starts it.

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  1. Despite being under heavy fire from the opposing alliance for owning a WW and for being unliked by a couple key players.