So I am taking a virtual worlds class this semester and I was really excited about it. Last semester I talked to the prof about the class and she said that people could choose any MMO they wanted to play, but they must play one. Well, now she has decided that you must play either Secondlife or WoW. I’m not interested in Second Life as I’ve given up the days of IRC chat long ago and have no interest in cyber prostitution, so that basically sticks me into WoW. yay, the excitement is just bleeding off me.

On the bright side, she is only requiring that people play 1-3 hours a week, which should mean if I play just that, I will be sick of it somewhere half way into the semester. Maybe I can just deal with it past that and make it through the semester. I think it’ll be a fun class otherwise.

One thing I do find odd about both this class and the other game centric class that I am taking is the lack of potential game developers in them. Making games is becoming more and more sought after jobs. When you are in a university that has no real program, you really need to take whatever classes that are available that actually deal with games. And thus far, in three classes from this department, I haven’t seen anyone with similar interests as I. This makes me wonder where the student devs are going because I know there is in fact a student group in UW-Madison.