Waiting on Servers

Over the weekend I have been working fairly hard in order to truly catch up on my school work. Not only to catch up really but to get ahead. I’ve gone through all the homework that I had due tomorrow for my Spanish exam done on Sunday, even corrected. I read what I could for my detective lit class, and got all my divine comedy caught up. In addition to this, I also got a lot of errands done yesterday including getting the medicine that I usually get on Tuesdays and also doing my final test for my Geometry class that I’ve been taking through the mail. All this in a hope to play Echoes of Faydwer today uninterrupted.  I was even planning on skipping two classes this morning to get an advantage.

So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that they aren’t even planning on having the servers up until 8pm my time, and that is if things go well. I wasn’t really expecting this. I had heard from previous expansions that they will generally take the servers down at midnight Pacific and then bring them up at noon pacific, yet they were actually brought down at 6am Pacific this time and are still scheduled to be down for 12  hours! This throws my entire day out of whack and my plan to  playing this game.

I have a test tomorrow morning in my Spanish class so I can’t stay up all night and definitely can’t skip in the morning. I am still going to skip Spanish today and use the time to keep caught up in that class so that come tomorrow I won’t have any work to do after class is done. And I may skip my other class tomorrow. I will go to my second class today as the servers will likely still be down and I really shouldn’t be skipping that class anyway.

So I am now planning on other things to get done in order to prepare for this expansion. I want to clean up my system to make it work in tip top shape so I am uninstalling unused programs, after that I will clean the disks, and fragment them. I want to maintain my caught up status in school so what I may do is read next week’s detective lit material and do the writing assignment early for that class. I also want to study my Spanish in this downtime so that I can get a good grade tomorrow on my quiz. (I earned a BC on my last test, this is my highest grade and I think it was largely due to my new study techniques!)

So my day is still busy and hopefully this won’t actually be too awful. I can always use tomorrow to play all day as I have fewer classes anyway and then I won’t have to worry about a test. I just can’t imagine what they were thinking bringing the servers up at 9pm EST… people are starting to go to sleep at this time… this is essentially DELAYING the game! They should schedule it so that the servers would be up as soon as the first game stores open on the east coast… so they SHOULD be up by 10am EST, instead anyone who buys the game in anticipation will have to come home and wait for 12 hours. That is rediculous.