New Tunaria

I recently decided to go and check out New Tunaria in EoF. I am now level 60 and the game says this is a 55-65 zone so I thought I’d take a look. I found a quest that goes in there to boot so I’ve been trying to do that while I go in.

First thought of it is that it is amazingly beautiful. I don’t know how the city was in EQ1 (It formerly had the name of Felwethe), but the sight of it makes me wish that SOE had made this the player city instead of Kelethin (not that there is anything wrong with Kelethin, it just less spectacular than this, tho the tree city makes more sense for fae). The city is extremely tall, maybe as tall as Kelethin. It is over a lake and waterfall so it kind of reminds you of that weird city in Episode 1 of Star Wars with all the waterfalls, just in a Medieval world instead of an Italian one.

I haven’t really gotten a huge chance to explore yet. There are a bunch of green arrow up sentries along the bridge to the city and they hit really hard, I get near death almost every fight and they also seem to come out of mez easier too which isn’t a good combo for a warlock. It is extremely time-consuming. Everything is aggro in the zone too, I don’t know how I would go about raising my faction in the city so this isn’t the case so I am gonna have to deal with it.

The main disappointing thing I have with the city is that there are really few quests in it. For such a great looking zone, I suppose I wish SOE had given it more thought. But there is little to do here except kill stuff, though there are shinies and probably are some decent names to kill as well. I haven’t even gotten an exploration update out of the zone yet, but maybe I haven’t gotten in far enough yet. I just wish that SOE gave players more reason to come here, as it is almost no one is ever here.

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  1. The New Tunarians are super xenophobic. With an attitude like that, I am going to head in there and bash them. They have killed me a couple times already. All I can say is that they should build a gate or something if they son’t want me in there. TWO guards – saying doin’t go in there… That is hardly a deterrent. NICE city they built though.

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