I have kind of gotten lax on this blog as of late and feel that I need to re-commit myself to it. I have still probably been getting my 600 words a day, however I do want to keep this blog more up to date.

A lot of things have been going on though. I am nearing the end of the semester and have a total of 16 pages in two classes due in 2 weeks, a quiz this week, an oral exam next week, and a final exam the week after that. Things have been busy to say the least in school.

In gaming… EQ2’s expansion keeps me busy as well. I have hit level 33 with my Fae Warlock. I have thoroughly explored Butcherblock, have been somewhat disappointed with its lack of quests and have spent much of my time in good ol thunderring steppes and nek forest to get good quests. I have recently vowed my allegiance to Solusek Ro and have begun doing the deity quests for him. I have also started going into Steamfont which so far has been a really cool zone. My favorite thing about it is they named the city in it “Gnomeland Security” which I just laughed so hard when I first saw it.

For the Wii, I’ve been kind of leaving Zelda alone largely due to the fact that I am too involved in MMOs right now to give it a real shot. My daughter played it this weekend and was having fun flying off cliffs with a chicken on her head. I have bought Ecco the Dolphin and Zelda for the NES from the VC but haven’t had chances to play those either. Really bought them to experience the VC and yes I can save the games to an SD card thankfully. I’ve been playing Wii Sports almost every day, but think I will take today off because my shoulders are quite sore. I got myself down to an age of 27 yesterday in it of which I was very proud!

I also recently have been in a beta test for a game which I can’t really talk about because I am under an NDA but suffice it to say with all these games I am quite busy. Well I should get back to schoolwork=/