Bad Student

After two straight nights of 5-6 hour sleeps and a weekend of running around doing things with my daughter, I decided to be a bad student today and take the day off from classes. Most of my day has been playing video games, mostly X-Men Legends which is a most excellent game. I did try to get some homework done, but honestly my mind wasn’t in it. Anything I read was going in one eye and out the other. I realized fairly early that my mind wasn’t into it which is why I really didn’t get far, though I am going to try more later tonight.

The day wasn’t a complete wash though, I was able to go get change to do laundry, I closed my old bank accounts out because I am switching to a new bank, and I started my laundry. So I at least got some stuff done. For some reason I really haven’t been wanting to take a nap though that may be upcoming still. I would think that given how little sleep that I got over the weekend that I would be more than a little eager to go take a nap but it just hasn’t been there.