Few weeks later of Pokemon

Well it has been a few weeks now since I got pokemon. I did want to mention from the previous post that I also do like their touch functionality. I’ve heard alot of reviews complain that they didn’t really utilize it, but I feel for a game like Pokemon that it was good. Some reviewers need to really keep in mind that not every game must use every feature on the DS in order for it to be good. Just because it doesn’t use the touch screen to do zany things, or the mic for weird voice recognition doesn’t mean that it would be better if it did. That being said, the touch recognition is mostly for using items and stuff, and it works great. My fingers get tired of using the d-pad all the time and it offers them a break. My main complaint is that they could have done a bit more, I would have actually liked a d-pad on the touch screen largely because of the hurt the d-pad can put on your fingers when you run around in circles so much. I would have also liked to see them have like a list of commonly used items instead of just their y registration so that if I have 5 items I have easy access to all instead of just 1. Still it is overall really good, and touches like bread making and mining with the touch really add the zaney parts to it that work.

The game itself has been fine. I am up to the final four, and have gotten my Diagla. But as usual in Pokemon games I am stuck at the final four because they are always 20 levels above me when I get them and I HATE grinding my pokemon up that much. What I will have to do is go around and look at what pokemon I haven’t caught and try to go and get them. I have also been concentrating a tad more on the berries so that I can make some bread, but that is a low priority.

Overall, I’m still happy with the game. Though I feel there isn’t quite enough new creatures. Early every creature seemed to be new. But after the first few areas they repeated a lot of those new pokemon quite a lot (I still see their beaver one in high level areas), and they also have a ton of overly used older pokemon like Machop, GeoDude, zubat, etc. That to be honest considering how common they are in EVERY game, I am bit tired of these guys. I would have liked to see more of the new ones from Gold/Silver (many of which haven’t been seen since) and Ruby/Sapphire, just to increase the variety a tad. I think the number of new ones in this title is still fine, they just need to do a better job at keeping some of the more common ones from newer versions in, and keeping a fresh recycle of commons.