EQuinox unveiled

SOE last week announced a new magazine for Everquest 2 called EQuinox. Now I don’t necessarily think an MMO magazine by SOE is really that bad of an idea, after all they have several games to cover and would have insider access that the other MMO magazines wouldn’t be able to get. However, this magazine is only for EQ2, which by all accounts isn’t even the big MMO that SOE has, certainly EQ1 still has more subscribers, and with new games coming up (The Agency made quite the splash at E3) I would think these would be slightly better choices.

Originally, I had no intention of getting this new magazine, however, like any sucker I went and pre-ordered it because they were offering a beta invitation into Rise of Kunark with any pre-order, so yeah I’m a sucker. But still I have a ton of hope for this next expansion. WoW is actually not doin very well currently; in fact people seem to be fleeing the game in droves since the expansion. Something that is evidenced not only in the people I have been seeing join EQ2, but also in the people I know offline who are leaving as well. In addition, EoF was the best expansion of MMO history as far as I can recall and they are looking to improve upon that formula. The combination of these two (as well as additional EQ1 content to attempt to bring in old EQ1 players) could mean a drastic improvement in player populations to EQ2 which I am very excited about. We need some fresh new blood.

Still, I am interested in the magazine. If they do an ok job, it should work out great considering it really is the only MMO that I play.