10 Pokemon That Need New Evolutions

Pokemon X has a very strong Red/Blue vibe to it that makes me think back about Pokemon of yore. I really feel that there are a number of Pokemon who have long needed new members to their evolutionary chains. This seems particularly true now that Game Freak has added Mega Evolutions, which are essentially a forth line of evolution, albeit temporary. I think one of the things that many people liked about Gold & Silver was how it brought new evolutionary chains to the old Pokemon, this is something that hasn’t been done as much since. With that,  I thought I’d come up with 10 pokemon that are in pretty big need of new evolutions, most of which are older, but there might be a couple newer ones as well.

The reason I include Arcanine on this list is largely because this pokemon hasn’t really seen a ton of use since its inception in Red & Blue. This might have been done on purpose as his base stats are quite high. He remains to be a very cool fire-type that never got a third evolutinoary chain and though it might be tricky considering his higher stats, I think it might be worth it.

Seems odd that I would put Eevee on this list after a new evolution was just added in X/Y. However, Eevee remains a favorite of mine, and a general fan favorite pokemon that seems somehow neglected even though it gets a new evolution every couple of generations. Now that they have created a Fairy type to counter dragons, and they added a Fiary Eevee, I think it is high time we finally get the Dragon Eevee that fans have wanted for years. Another Eevee evolution that I’ve always wanted to see weirdly enough is a Normal one, essentially a beefed up Normal Eevee, it seems odd and i don’t think that it would ever happen but I always sort of liked the idea.

Scizor for a time was a bit of a powerhouse. One of the stronger bug-type pokemon which early on was a good foil to the over-powered psychic type. Psychic have since been balanced out better, and because of that the popularity of Bug-Types have dwindled greatly. In addition to being a fairly good bug-type, Scizor also had a coolness factor that many other bugs lacked. While not the weakest pokemon around, Scizor does have some room for improvement when it comes to stats so could very easily have a new evolution added in afterwards.

I think that Game Freak was looking to duplicate what they did with Lucario when it came to Zoroark. It is definitely cool-looking and I think caught on to a large extent in Black & White, and they made it really tricky to get one as well. It was probably the most difficult to get non-legendary pokemon in the history of the game because you needed legendaries to get it. It’s this difficulty that makes me think they should give it more love and make it even more diserable by making another evolution, but make it tricky somehow. It is a trickster after all…

Onix was a fairly popular rock type with no evolution, until Gold/Silver gave him a steel evolution that was also fairly popular. Steelix still has his place but is starting to feel old. Weirdly enough, I feel like this chain might best be suited by a pre-evolution in the style of Pichu.

I’ve always been fond of the Cubone/Marowak line. Maybe because early in the series there were so few decent ground pokemon around to counter all the electric types, maybe because this particular pokemon was so weird and different.  Whatever the reason, it never was widely used because stat-wise it actually wasn’t very good. Which means there is a ton of opportunity on this one to give us a third evolution with some good stats.

Rattata has got to be one of the more overly used pokemon in the series. It’s just a matter of time before he gets thrown back into the early parts of a game. Thankfully, they decided to give us a break with X & Y. What makes it more painful is the lack of a third evolution and the knowledge that other common pokemon, like Zubat, have had evolutions that are actually quite good, like Crobat. I don’t need another Crobat, but it would be nice that the next time they throw Rattata at us again, that at the very least there is a new evolution with him to achieve.

When they added Tyrogue to the game in Gold & Silver, they instantly put the Hitmons into a level with Eevee for me. And to top it off, they added in Hitmontop (Get it? Top it off? HAR HAR).  You can’t keep coming up with new versions of fighting pokemon to stem off from for Tyrogue, but I would like to see an evolutionary ladder at the top of the chain. Maybe one that only comes when all 3 are in the same  party. I don’t know how to deal with it, but I would love to cap this chain.

In X & Y’s need for more fairy, Granbull was added to the list of Fairy pokemon. I don’t think it honestly makes a ton of sense. But maybe with this new found typing, they could finally add a new found evolution that encapsulates the Fairy type and makes a little sense for the re-typing for us?

I always liked Sneasel. Thought he was fairly cool, then they made him relevant by putting in Weavile. One of the rare moments of adding evolutions past Gold & Silver, Weavile was added in Diamond and Pearl and really made Weavile worth getting with his interesting Dark and Ice typing. Weavile has decent stats, and because of that I think this one would be well placed with a new pre-evolution.

Solrock & Lunatone scream the need for evolutions all the way around. First, they aren’t that powerful for single-evolution pokemon, but I feel like Game Freak uses them like they are more powerful. They both could use evolution chains after their current, which I think is fine to keep seperate, but I also think they should have a pre-evolution similar to Tyrogue that brings them together. Make it so that which one you get is dependant on what time of day you evolve the pre-evolution. I want to like these two, but every time I try to use them, I just don’t. It’s high time they actually give them some use.