To Brett Favre

I suppose since everyone else is talking about Favre so should I. I don’t necessarily want to as I am sick of it, but here I am. The truth of the matter is that over the last 5 or 6 years, Favre has made as much of a career of retiring as he has playing football. Because of this it isn’t entirely surprising that what is on everyone’s mind is what is going to happen to him now that he wants to unretired?

Brett Favre's LockerMy personal opinion is that he should stay retire. I think Ted Thompson is being correct in this matter of telling him that he would be backing up Aaron Rodgers. Would Favre be a better QB than Rodgers? Maybe, if he played like he did last year without a doubt. However, if his play returns to what it was two years ago, maybe not.

The issue at hand is how long can Favre yank the Packers organization and its fans, just because he can’t make up his mind in a timely manner. I know of fans who when he announced his retirement earlier in the year needed to leave work early out of grief for the occurrence. I swear I know this happened, and yes I can’t believe it but grown men were crying because of it. And now he wants to come back just to come back just to do this again to people?

His entire career he has been saying that he didn’t want to go out like Marino did, basically being forced out because he played so badly. Favre had the golden opportunity to leave on top of his game, the way he wanted. I too wanted Favre to not retire; I did last year as well when most fans wish he had retired because for 2 years previous he hadn’t played well at all. But now you’ve retired, and I’ve moved on. The Packers too have moved on with it, they spent two draft picks on QBs largely because you retired. You’ve made your decision, be a man and live with it. Not this sniveling baby who has essentially completely ruined his entire legacy on this debacle. You are not looking good here, and yeah you shouldn’t be the starter for the Packers nor should you go elsewhere. As you once told Javon Walker when he was having issues. You signed a contract; you need to fulfill it if you are going to play in this league. If the Packers want to keep you, you need to honor your contract. If you don’t want to be a backup you shouldn’t have retired. Even if you retired before the draft you would have been more welcome than you are now. So take your pick. Stay retired, or play behind Rodgers and wait for him to get injured. The choice is yours, it always has been.

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