RIAA becomes more oppressive

The RIAA is at it again. Words cannot describe it as well as I’d like to. I mean seriously… they are now reducing the royalties they pay to artists. So on one side they are arguing that trading MP3s is stealing from the artists and using the artists as faces for this fight… and on the other they are giving the artists less money for what they do. It is just ridiculous all the way around. There isn’t one thing in this that makes sense.

What really fucks with me though is that we are in a digital age. We are really in a time that could do without the whole industry as it is anyway. Yet we cling to them… why?

We have means of distribution already that is far more popular than the hard copies that the RIAA gives us. We have a means of advertisement in Podcasts that hasn’t been utilized yet but it offers a way if used correctly to promote new bands and music (not to mention other services such as pandora and yahoo music which should allow independent artists to submit their music, same with iTunes and other online services.)

So why is it that we are even still bowing our heads to this corrupt antique? Why not just do without them totally? They steal artist’s music, treat them like shit, sell it to us, and then treat us like shit. Why are we putting up with it? I don’t know about you but I’m heading to alltunes right now in retaliation.