Saw Davinci Code today, never read the book, but thought the movie was pretty good and interesting. Predictable as well, perhaps it was done better in the book but I knew who the bad guy was and who the bloodline would be fairly early in the film. Those were the two big surprises about it so I guess they weren’t that great. I thought it was a very entertaining movie however.

Being a Christian, I for one didn’t have any problems seeing this movie. It wasn’t that controversial to me. It was a very interesting theory, I don’t think it is particularly likely but I liked seeing the book of Philip quoted… haven’t read that one yet, but I have read part of the book of Thomas and the quote they used in the movie was also referenced in Thomas. The movie didn’t change my views at all.

I am, however, a curious fellow who likes seeing the biblical stories from different angles, and this one was fairly well done. So I guess I don’t see what the fuss is all about. My friend, who is a more traditional religious person, said it best.. the ending essentially says what is important, it is the message of Jesus that is important, some of the other things don’t really matter… like if he had a child or not… and if he had a bloodline… who cares?

If this sort of thing really happened and would really make someone stop believing in God if they knew it happened, then perhaps they didn’t have a very strong faith in the first place. The feeling of God is with me regardless of my knowledge of Jesus. I know he is with me not because the book tells me he is, but because he himself has shared his presence with me. And that belief would not be shaken by anything that happened to Jesus. And it also doesn’t make anything Jesus did any less meaningful, in fact if anything it makes what he did here even more meaningful. But that is just me.