Trendsetting Teens?

A few weeks ago on my way to work, again listening to NPR, I heard a report on how teenagers are moving en masse from MySpace to Facebook. This isn’t an entirely surprising trend, but towards the end of the piece, they had a teenager remarking on how he thought it was just a fad, and looking to the future they didn’t think twitter would be the next fad because it is just for old people. This got me thinking though because it wasn’t long ago that Facebook was for old people as well…

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Healthcare in America

I need to start this post the way that all employees start posts when they are talking about a job they work in. I work for EDS which is contracted out by Wisconsin as well as many other states to handle Medicaid. My comments here are not representative of EDS, HP (who owns EDS), the state of Wisconsin or anyone else who is somehow affiliated with the health care industry. What I am is an American Citizen whom is disabled with Hemophilia. As such, my life is very much centered around health care, and getting it.

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Shelfari vs. Goodreads

Over the last few days I have become interested in the social networking sites that are geared around books and reading. The main two in this particular genre are Shelfari and Goodreads. Both of these sites have the same basic concept, allow people to display what books they have read, their rating for those books, and what they are reading now. But both of these sites have differences in how to get to these end results. I thought I would put down my impression of the two social networking sites in particular. Continue reading “Shelfari vs. Goodreads”

Obama’s First Months

I know that conservatives are going to hate Obama regardless of what he does. There’s nothing that can be done about that. Obama can make the country 100 times better to live in and they’d hate him for it. I am not going to debate that with conservatives cause that’s what they do. I gave Bush a shot, I gave him a lot of shots actually… I thought he was good for the job of dealing with 9/11. Fail. I thought he might be telling the truth about Iraq. Fail. I even thought maybe a businessman might be able to run the country better than a politician money-wise, boy can that boy prove me wrong. I don’t expect the same sort of opportunity given to Obama from the other side.

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Stimulus for the Future

I believe Cains’ theory. Now to say that I believe it doesn’t necessarily put me on the same line as some Cainsians. During the 50’s and 60’s Cainsians thought that they could control the market with the theory and I don’t think that is particularly true. I think that what Cains is saying was that IF the market isn’t able to correct itself that the government can step in and fill in for what the market cannot do itself. This I think is the basis of what Cains said and I think is a very true theory.

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eWhy eHow has ePromise

I recently have gotten into eHow. For those that don’t know, eHow is a site in which you write up an article about how to do something, and post it. But it doesn’t end there, you get a cut of all the advertising that eHow gets from your article so it becomes a potential money maker. Though this wasn’t what got me really, I mean I do want money and right now I am struggling financially, but ultimately, I am a writer and the format they have created somehow makes it akin to an internet magazine.

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