Growing frustration

My roommate recently quit her job without having another job lined up. Financial issues aside, this has become very frustrating already for me as now she is around all the time. It used to be that I used the afternoons to work on random stuff. Whether it be an NWN module for an upcoming contest, cleaning, working on my story, or some other random project that I have, I did it in the afternoons. The problem is that the reason I did it in the afternoons was that I was awake and also because she wasn’t around. With her around, I get distracted, i don’t feel I can concentrate on what I am doing, and a small part of me feels embarassed and more pressured than what I need to feel.

What makes matters worse is that she feels bored all the time and thus finds the need to force me to do stuff with her. It is one thing if she went out on her own, in fact I would welcome this as a chance to do what I need to do. But she needs me to go because she doesn’t want to do anything alone. This complicates matters not only because it is more lost time, but if I am out and about doing things, then when I get home i am usually tired and either want to take a nap or I just want to sit down and play my game. Thereby taking away still more time.

The whole process is frustrating. I am not getting anything done. I have decided to put my book on hold for the time being and concentrate more on my NWN module as that is due in mid-July and I feel like I can win this competition. I also would like to work more on my resume, its webpages, and business cards to help me get my name out and be able to get a job after next semester. However, if this continues and she remains unemployed for long, I will certainly have to go up to the cottage alone so that I can concentrate on the book fully. It is just not something I particularly wanted to do because of gas prices and no air conditioning in my car, but more and more it is seeming like a good idea.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

One thing I think I have to become accustomed to when writing a novel is that I don’t need to worry about writing it out precisely as I go. What I mean by this is that I have always been the type of person who if I get stuck on a certain part, I can’t just go on to the next part without completing the current part. I always complete the current and then move on. However, when writing such a major story, I don’t think this will benefit me in the least bit.

For one, I am not that great at writing the details. Those little things that really flesh out a story. I think one thing that will really benefit me is if I just go through and write the very basic bit of the story, not worrying too much of the little things. And just getting from one major plot area to the next and figuring out how I get from one point to another. And then once this is done I can go back and flesh everything out a bit.

Another reason to do things this way is because I often sit and think on the book and I come up with an idea of fleshing it out, or how to work a particular scene, even down to the wording. However, no matter what I do I always seem unable to really put it into the story because I don’t have it written out. I do what I can to write it in a journal that I keep for ideas, however, when I return to it at a later time I often am not exactly sure where I was coming from when I wrote it and I feel that I lose some of the effect. If I have the major points already written out, I can take the idea and put it directly into the story where it belongs. I think this will be nice.

All this sounds well and good, but it is far more difficult to actualy sit down and write what comes next without having the current finished. It is difficult but hopefully I can prevail.

The woman dream

Last night I had one of those dreams where you are with someone else, married this time I think because I was giving her a surprise party for her like 40th birthday. This morning I began to wonder how people in a happy marriage respond to these types of dreams. As a single person I tend to feel depressed and extremely lonely all day (I have a great day to look forward to, yay!). However, does this happen to married people too? Or do they just wake up next to their spouse and wrap their arms around that person and forget all about it because they already have it?  Or do they wish they had a wife like that instead of the nagging wife they currently have? Continue reading “The woman dream”

Word of the Day

If you have a home portal and are looking into writing as a living. I’d suggest adding a word of the day to your portal. I use NetVibes as my portal and it was actually hard for me to find a decent word of the day as they apparantly didn’t have any in their list of content.

I had to do a google on “word of the day” and am currently using Merriam-Webster’s service and added that to Netvibes. That’s part of the reason I like Netvibes, not only can you rearrange stuff and add what you want, but you can also go find newsfeeds and put them in manually if netvibes doesn’t actually have it themselves. I only chose to have 1 word entry. The little entry doesn’t do exactly as I want but it’ll do. I actually wanted the definiton of the word to be on the page, but instead i have to hover over the word to get the definition. It works but is more work for me which I never like.

Today’s word is Prescind, which essentially means to detach in purposes of thought. I heard a long time ago that if you use your word three times in the day that the word is yours forever. I don’t generally agree with that after having a horrible time remembering Spanish words no matter how hard I try, but it can’t hurt to do so. So this is my first use of it hehe, a little bit of a cheat=P But I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna use this in every day vocabularly. When it all comes down to writing though, the more words that I can get in my vocabulary, the better a writer I will be because I will have more tools at hand to write.

Choosing First Novel Topic

I thought I would post today about how I went about choosing the topic for my first novel. I have dozens of ideas for novels, as I am sure any aspiring writer would have, and this was actually quite a difficult task.

The first thing that I think that you need to do for your first novel is really make a strong, what I would call “normal” book. I have ideas for sci-fi and fantasy books but overall I think these genres might be rather difficult to get into as I think people are more weary of new writers, since there are a lot of them in this field. If you are targeting an existing world such as Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance than this is nulified quite a bit as those particular series get sells just on the name brand alone. However,  I have little interest in these series (not that I don’t like them, I just want my own series), so this is out. Plus I have also noticed that people who write sci-fi or fantasy tend to only write in those genres, and while I have ideas for those genres I don’t want to be in one specific genre like that. One way that I think you can get out of this is by writing a more traditional work.

Next, I fully believe in the “write what you know” saying. This is going to be my first book so I think being fully aware of the subject is very very important. I don’t want to have to worry as much about the research side the writing since I am largely using this book to get my sea legs. As I progress in writing I can advance my topics into ones that I’m less familiar with and thus would need to research more. Researching is something I’m not quite prepared to get into full blown, especially since I am currently a student and research enough as it is.

With these two things in mind I originally decided to write an autobiography. On top of the two above reasons, I also feel like the autobiography is a genre that seems to be really blossoming in mainstream America currently, thus I have a good chance of selling because of it. Also, while I may not be famous or powerful in any paritcular way, my disease does provide me with the ability of showcasing something not many people really know that much about and going through how exactly that affects my life.

After writing a couple short chapters on the subject though, I decided that this wasn’t exactly what I was looking to write either so I morphed the original idea somewhat. Instead of a straight autobiography, I am planning on doing a fictional autobiography. What this essentially means is that I will take some of the larger moments of my life and sort of mash them together into one story and try to explain how it affects my life in a more indirect fashion that way. This also allows me to make more subtle commentaries on the medical society as well as society on a whole. I think it is a great idea, I have a lot of stuff I can put into, and putting it into a real story can make it more interesting to read. We’ll see how this works!

Too Busy

Well yesterday I didn’t post if you didn’t notice, that is because I had a big paper due today and a quiz due that I hadn’t even begun to study for before yesterday. I just didn’t have the time for a post.

I think my outlining helped quite a bit for the paper and as expected I used almost none of it. If I used none of it I am sure many are wondering how exactly it helped. Well like I said previously I think it really does do a service to me to go in knowing about what I wanted to write about. When I sat down to write the paper, I knew exactly what I wanted to say and I think my paper worked out a little better than my previous ones because of it. It did take a small new direction that I hadn’t expected, that being that I brought in real life history into the differences between Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle… something that really I wouldn’t have done without looking up some random thoughts gotten by the outline. So overall I am quite happy with it and assuming that I have time, I plan on using it more in the future.

Now that those two big things are done… I feel alot more relieved, like I have more time to relax which I haven’t really felt for awhile. I already spent a couple hours this afternoon playing video games, but I think I will spend the rest of the evening working on my Geometry class in hopes of finishing it off tonight or tomorrow so that I can get my test in by next week sometime.