A Second Job?

I was watching a rerun of the 2 Broke Girls pilot last night on TV. Overall, the show is kind of meh, but in the show they have a few common themes to where I am in life right now. They are poor and they are trying to start their own business. Well at one point in the show one of the girls says to the other that they can start their business in about a year if they both have two jobs and they start saving. What I heard from this is… should I get a second job? Continue reading “A Second Job?”

Making a Character Not Like You

Last week on “Fresh Air,” a talk radio show on NPR that generally interviews people in the entertaiment industry, they had Nick Hornby on promoting his new book. Nick Hornby, for those of you who don’t know, is the author of High Fidelity, a book that was turned into a most excellent John Cussack movie. Now, I’ve never read the book, nor even heard of the author before that point, but that isn’t really the point here. At some point in the interview Terry Gross, the host of the program, asked Hornby if his characters all essentially him due to their general love of music. This particular question got me thinking.

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Romantic Involvements in Writing

After having one of those romantic dreams last night (you know the ones), I began thinking about romantic involvements in the book that I’m working on. I currently don’t have plans on having a romantic involvement in my story, yet it seems to me that this is almost all of what writing is about. I’m not sure I like that, and maybe I leave that out just to try to buck the trend, but then I feel like I may be endangering myself with a large segment of my possible readership.

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Organizing Sections in Writing

Early on in my writing, I had the notion that I had to write in the order that it would appear in the book. Therefor, if I was thinking about how section C would work and had some great ideas, I wouldn’t write them down until I could get sections A and B down. I think this is a problem with many early writers and at some point, like other writers, I realized that it is better for me to sit down and write down what I’m thinking when I’m thinking about it than it is to put it off.

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The Writing Burn

I will be honest in saying that on a day to day basis, I really don’t have the burn, or even really want to write. I have many great ideas, but honestly I don’t feel like it often. Manytimes, I sit and force myself to write because I realize I have to write from time to time to advance myself. But right now that burn is alive and well, I genuinely FEEL like writing. I can feel the creative juices running. I am drifting into other worlds with ease. Now is an ideal time in which I should be writing.

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