Long Work Week

This last week I have officially logged in over 67 hours of work. To say it has been a long week is an understatement. I work at Wisconsin Medicaid and we rolled out our new website this last week which has resulted in an overload of calls from basic questions of people wanting to know how it works, to things not working at all. I have been working 11-13 hour days all week, and then yesterday I worked another eight hours, followed by a few this morning. This will result in a work week in which I should have a check that is twice the amount of what it was for me normally. It is greatly needed too, as last Monday I took my car into the shop and got charged $650 for fixing a leaky water pump.

First Paycheck

Yesterday I got my first paycheck! Yay! I gotta say it feels good to get some income. I really needed it. This is weirdly my first job in six or seven years so it is kind of weird. The paycheck wasn’t much, only a couple hundred bucks, but when you consider that I only got about $800 a month previously from SSI, a couple hundred for less than two days of work isn’t bad at all.

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Job Alternatives?

This morning on Good Morning America, they talked about two different things that employers are considering doing. These things were in seperate segments entirely, and I believe were done for different reasons as well, but I saw a lot of promise in them for the same reason. The segments were talking about the possibility of a four-day work week and working at home. What these two have in common? The possibility of lowering the amount of gas consumed.

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Being Conditioned to Work

So obviously I had my big day of work today. First day back at a real job for really 6 or 7 years. It was odd, and very nerve-wracking. The whole day was rather boring. The company I was working for had not previously had a new employee for a whole year, today they had nine. They were not at all ready for us. Me in particular it seems, as they didn’t even have my name until the evening before so I didn’t have anything, a computer or login or anything.

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