Goals of 2011-2012

Another fine year down the drain. 2011 had some real downs. I struggled in friendships and money. However, towards the end, things solidified with my friendships gelling together, a raise and a promotion on the way and money isn’t as huge as it once was. Things are looking up! Here is my review of my 2011 goals and goals I plan for 2012. Continue reading “Goals of 2011-2012”

New Year’s Goals 2010

I don’t necessarily know how into New Year’s Resolutions I really am, but here I am setting some goals for the new year. I personally just don’t like the arbitrariness of doing it because it is a new year. While I am setting up some goals here for myself, the truth is, many of these I’ve started months ago, some I started shortly before the new year, and some I am just picking up. Overall, I like to better myself from time to time, and I also like to better different aspects of my life. So I thought I would put down those goals here, broken up by my different lives.

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Goals of 2009

I know it is a bit of a cliche to set goals with the new year, but it does offer me a chance to set things to work towards. This year, I am going to set myself some really generic goals as you will see, but all of them I think are fairly attainable and make sense for where I am in my life.

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My Weight Loss Coach

I decided to buy My Weight Loss Coach a few weeks ago. This was actually kind of a difficult decision on my part. I didn’t really care for My Word Coach that much, and like it’s predecesor, My Weight Loss Coach carried on the problem of being a bit over-priced. But what ended up to be the selling points of it really were that I need to lose weight, this is the only such thing out there for the DS, and at the very least the pedometer that is included would be nice to have to see how much I’m walking.

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