Presents 2010

This year, my present haul went pretty well overall I think. I didn’t dislike anything I got in particular, and liked most everything pretty well. Last year, my roommate and I brought my daughter to the store to get presents for us, this year we couldn’t afford the extra presents which is unfortunate but hopefully we resume it next year.

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Daughter Gone

Well had a vacation over the last week. Sent home my daughter yesterday. All is good in the home now. More quiet, is nice after 2.5 weeks of having a child lol

Getting Daughter

Getting my daughter today for two and a half weeks, my summer vacation time. Not entirely sure what we are going to do given our budget crisis, but happy to have her. Should be interesting.

Devil’s Lake Staycation

I’m not entirely sure if it is really considered a staycation, because we actually didn’t stay anywhere overnight or anything. But my roommate, her sister, my daughter, and I all went to Devil’s Lake this weekend for a little get out of town vacation for the day. We really needed to get out of town, and with the budget the way it is, we had a hard time justifying much of anything so we thought going to a state park might be a good way to get out and have a good time.

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Christmas ’09

I have made a post for a few years now about what I got for Chrsitmas so I feel this is my yearly tradition now, not sure it’s a great one but oh well it is mine. This Christmas I went to Wisconsin Dells with my daughter for a night, it was ok, stressful but fun. Got to go swimming. It was a fun Christmas I think for her… and onto the presents for me!

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