Games and the Economy

Everyone these days is taking a hit because of the economy. Even the Games industry to some degree, there have been many studio closings over the past several months. Yet, the video game industry as of yet hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as other companies, after all this last Christmas they saw more video game sales than the year before. This makes me wonder, will the game industry be the exception to the rule? Will they actually come out of the recession/depression nearly unscathed?

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MTG years later

I recently began to sort through my Magic: The Gathering collection. I started cataloging them, finding links for text and getting prices and whatn not. The reason for this is for the potential of going out and possibly selling them. Why sell? Largely because like many Americans I am straped for cash and selling my MTG cards could be an easy way to make a buck. After all, I never really play the game anymore.

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Wii Fit Review

As previously mentioned, I got Wii Fit as a Christmas present and have been working hard to burn off those calories and become healthy ever since that point. I wanted to give the program a good month before I started reviewing it because the various positions are unlocked via how much time you put into the game. So I needed to put time in in order to give it a complete review.

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The Average Hero Paradox

I would be remiss if I didn’t follow up my previous post with a new rule. I apologize to whomever if I am stealing this rule from someplace, but I haven’t been able to figure out reference to it. I very well may have found it somewhere previously and just forgotten where, or I came up with it such a very long time ago that I forgot whether I came up with it or not. Either way, it doesn’t matter, I think it is good enough that it deserves a spot in the MMO game design pantheon.

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Revisiting Waymarking

A couple of years ago the makers of Geocaching went out and tried to expand upon their game. Taking what had become a few popular subsets of geocaching in virtual caches, benchmarking and earthcaches, they creating a more open format that they termed Waymarking. Waymarking essentially was a way for people to get the GPS coords of various objects and places and put them in varying categories on the website. These places had no caches there, so it was more about visiting these places than it was about finding the hidden box of goodies. Continue reading “Revisiting Waymarking”