2008 E3 Nintendo Thoughts

The big news out of E3 for Nintendo really seemed to be the two new peripherals that they announced at the show. I say this mostly because there weren’t really a lot of new games shown. We knew about Animal Crossing which sadly looks like WW just on the Wii, we knew about Shaun White (and who cares really) and we knew about most of the other Wii titles. The DS version of GTA is a fairly huge deal and should do wonders for giving DS a much needed bump in sales, but really there wasn’t much else. There was no Kid Icarus, Punch-Out, Zelda, DS Redesign, original IP, Pikmin, not even any new info on Disaster (which more and more looks like vaporware).
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E3 News Sites

In previous years, I had actually gotten a subscription to either gamespot or IGN for the events at E3. Largely because a few years ago all the sites stopped really covering the event for free. So if you really wanted to get all the latest info of what was happening in the even these services were actually pretty good. This year though, I’m going to forgo the subscription service because, well, what is there for them to even report anymore? Yeah E3 is still going on, but it is no where near as newsworthy as it used to be. Where at one time everyone would hold all their cards close until E3, now we know most everything that is going to be there, minus 1 or 2.

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Girl Play Spaces

I am reading Pikachu’s Global Adventure right now at work (yes I have time ample time to read at work), and the beginning of it discusses Henry Jenkins’ whole spiel on games as virtual play spaces. Basically this says that games act in the way that the world used to for children, but no longer does due to the lack of space to house these natural activities. I don’t think Jenkins is wrong in this either.
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Toki Tori Review

A couple of weeks ago as a Father’s Day present to myself I bought Toki Tori on WiiWare. I hadn’t heard anything about this game really before I saw a brief amount of play on GoNintendo. This clip alone sold me on the fact that I should buy this title. It has often been referred to in the same vein as Lemmings or Lost Vikings and I can’t really disagree with this comparison.

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Spore Creature Creator Impressions

Last week I got the free trial download while I waited for my real copy to come in the mail so I’ve gotten some decent chance to really play with the software. To flesh this out, today I got my real copy of the game which allowed me to take a look at those parts that the trial didn’t come with, which was most of the parts. With that I thought I’d discuss what I thought of the game so far.

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