Sims 2: Seasons

It has been a couple of weeks since I first got Seasons, and have had ample time to mess around with it and see what it has and how it is.First of all, what I expected and what I got.

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Why does everyone like WoW?

I read this article of a Korean professor who did a study on why people like WoW, or really more specifically the cultural differences behind why people say they play WoW. This got me thinking, as while the article is interesting (I’d like to see the actual presentation that Wi made to see how much the writer is actually screwing up what the professor is saying), it is indeed quite inaccurate, or at the very least mis-leading.

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New Tunaria

I recently decided to go and check out New Tunaria in EoF. I am now level 60 and the game says this is a 55-65 zone so I thought I’d take a look. I found a quest that goes in there to boot so I’ve been trying to do that while I go in. Continue reading “New Tunaria”

Gamestop Employee

This is a post responding to our dear friend the Gamestop Employee. You can read his post here, and I’m not sure where the hell he is going to find sympothy but I do want to make sure that he feels that hassle he gets from Gamestop is nothing. I’m just going to go through his post point by point.

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New fan and Domain

Well I finally got my fan, installed it, and now my computer seems to be running back at normal. I think the computer is getting hotter than it was when the water cooler was actually working, but hopefully this will work and it only needs to really work for games for another few months. After that I doubt my roommate will ever put a game in the system.

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New Fan

Well my new fan didn’t get here yesterday, not that I thought it really would but I hoped. So I don’t expect to have my computer back up in operation until at least by Monday evening, maybe even Tuesday. So until that point I am essentially forced into turning it on for 5 minutes at a time.

While this has all been happening, I started to wonder what I should get for my NEW computer this month. I think with these problems draining me of a good $60 for new fans on the old computer, I can’t put a ton of money into the new one, so I think that either leaves me with cabling or a hard drive. The positive about going for the hard drive is that things really aren’t gonna change that much in the next few months in the tech, probably won’t even go down in price much. However, because I have no SATA on my current computer, who knows if it will actually be testable on this computer and they could send me a dud which I wouldn’t even find out for 4 months and thus, would be unable to return it. That would totally suck. Maybe I should get a big fan and some cabling then, this stuff will be good both now and in 4 months.