The Need for a New Map

When I started working on server emulation for Ultima Online, it took no time at all before I started yearning to start over with a completely new map. Creating a completely new map from scratch is actually quite a difficult thing, and to be honest, if I were to suggest server emulation to a newbie, I’d suggest against a new map. Yet here I am.

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Re-Creating UO

A few weeks ago, I had a design idea. It was an idea that was so good that I really wanted to try to script a really base version of it to test it out. Originally, I had begun work on doing this in Neverwinter Nights. After all, the game was made from the ground up for people to go in and script their own behaviors. But it seemed a little constrictive on what I wanted to do which largely was the fault of small area zones. In order to do what I wanted to do, I needed a larger area.

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Player vs. Player in MMOs

PvP is kind of a touchy subject in MMORPGs. Most MMOs have it in some format or another, but more often than not, it is left behind in the wayside. This is largely due to the mistakes that were made in early Ultima Online history where it was more profitable to kill other players than it was to kill creatures. This made it a prohibitive game to join if you were a newer player on your own. You would likely find yourself dead quite often and then just give up and go to a different game that didn’t have PvP. Continue reading “Player vs. Player in MMOs”

Civilization 5 Review

It has been quite awhile now since I first got Civilization 5. I wanted to give the game plenty of play time before I gave it a review because I wanted it to be an honest one and not a quick reaction to it. Because of this, it has taken awhile because as we all know Civilization is a long-winded game. I have actually put more than 8 game play cycles into this game in order to give it a fair opinion, so I hopefully I get that. Continue reading “Civilization 5 Review”

Cartographer’s Annual ’07 part 3

After well over a year, I finally decided to finish off this series, and yes I do plan on doing reviews on the next three annuals after this. For those needing a refresher course, ProFantasy makes a software sweet for cartographers to make their own maps, be it for video games, pen and paper RPGs, or just casual use. This software is called Campaign Cartographer 3. To support this suite, ProFantasy started releasing monthly issues of the Annual which gives new methods of using their software, general information, and new symbols and styles to use. This is the review of the last four issues of the first year of The Campaign Cartographer Annual. Continue reading “Cartographer’s Annual ’07 part 3”