Gamecube Games on the Wii

Nintendo recently announced that they will be re-releasing Gamecube games on the Wii, I guess these are being termed “GameCube Masterpieces.” In a lot of ways this idea seems rather redundant more than anything else. After all, you can already play GameCube games on the Wii, just go to Gamestop or something and buy them used for cheap. However, I don’t think this is altogether a bad idea. After all, many people didn’t have a Gamecube, and many people DO have a Wii.

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Scope – The Breadth Fresher

For the first time in well over a year, my roommate and I went on a geocache. We really haven’t been into it since we went geocaching in Menominee last summer and ended up with dozens of ticks on us. Overall it was a fairly successful cache in that we didn’t end up with weird ass bugs on us. At the end of the run though, we walked through the park and found an overlook out over the valley that this park was situated on a hill nearby. Looking out on the valley, I sat and wondered what it would look like without all the roads, and farms, and buildings, and people. What it would be like if it were still wild.

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Return to EQ2

So I am back to that game in which I love to hate. I’ve been feeling the burn of late to play MMOs again, so I returned to EQ2 largely because I have nothing else to turn to. I have considered WarHammer Online, howver what I’ve heard about it hasn’t been great thus far anyway. Conan, blech. I have also considered the expansion of lord of the rings but that is a month away and opposite of EQ2’s own which I’m willing to give the game a second shot, even if I’m not particularly thrilled with what we’ve seen of the expansion thus far.

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DSi Announced

Last week Nintendo announced the DSi. A new version of its popular DS handheld console. Personally I am really pleased with the news. I have been wanting to get a new DS for some time because my DS is the original bigger one and I would love the small sleekness of the DS Lite, but I KNEW as soon as I bought one that they’d announce a new one. Well I waited long enough because it looks like it may finally be coming our way.

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First Impressions of Spore

I got Spore on Sunday. I bought the Galactic Edition that has with it the art book, making of DVD, and the national geographic special that went with it. These things I can’t really speak of yet because I have not actually taken the time to look at them, but I’m sure I will at some point. I decided to get the special edition largely because I truly wanted them for this title. I love Will Wright and I have high hopes for this particular game, so I wanted to know all I could about it.

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