Titanfall is… breathtaking?

Kotaku shared that they felt Titanfall was breathtaking… hmmm. Am I the only person who doesn’t get it? Sure there are a couple of interesting features that I find intriguing… but graphic-wise I have two problems.

1) It has a weird cartoon/realworld look to it that unsettles me and I can’t really explain it well. Some parts look uber realistic, other parts look really bad and cartoony and it bothers me at the core.

2) Everything that doesn’t account for problem #1 looks like pretty much every other shooter game in the last 5 years. EVERY ONE OF THEM LOOKS THE SAME! How can this be breathtaking unless you just get your breath taken away every time you play a game? Any Game? And if this is you, why are you posting such things on Kotaku?

Decathlon of Gaming

Last week I watched the championship match for Pokemon just to check it out. While I was at it I decided to watch the match for 2012 as well as I never saw that one either. I gotta say it was kind of interesting to watch professional players go at it like that. I’ve also watched a little Twitch, but much when it comes to competitions. But this whole championship thing got me thinking… Why isn’t there some sort of competition for best all around gamer?

If you think about it, it makes sense. I remember when Fatal1ty was in his prime and was touting all the time that he was the best gamer. And then you get some people who claim it just because. But really there isn’t a way to establish it. Fatal1ty thought he was just because he won a bunch of FPS tourneys in his day… but realistically FPS is such a small portion of the games out there.1 How good was Fatal1ty at the latest Mario? Or Tetris? Or in today’s terms… Angry Birds? My guess is he sucked at those games but those games are pretty easy to figure out… Continue reading “Decathlon of Gaming”

Steamy Summers

Now that Steam’s yearly summer sale has come and gone, I wanted to share my thoughts on it as this year it felt slightly worse than blah. It’s hard to explain it, in previous big sales Steam is the place to go to get all the best deals. I’ve mentioned before, part of the reason that you deal with Steam’s craptastic DRM is because they give you the games at bargain basement prices. Well I never really felt it for this year’s summer sale. Continue reading “Steamy Summers”

Return to Minecraft

I haven’t really touched minecraft for probably a year. Recently though, I found a new mod pack called Feed the Beast, quite by accident, and thought I would give it a try. Then I found a mod called Mo Creatures which I added into Feed the Beast and now I feel that Minecraft is a completely new game and one worth playing again. Continue reading “Return to Minecraft”

Franchises Nintendo Should Bring Back

At long last, Nintendo will finally be releasing a new version of Pikmin in a couple of months. It’s about freaking time. Now Pikmin isn’t exactly the oldest or most ignored Nintendo franchises, but it was a series that seemed to me to be made for the Wii platform (and the remake of Pikmin 2 proved this). So I’m glad they decided to bring it back because this is easily one of my favorite newer franchises of Nintendo’s. Over the last few years Nintendo has brought back a lot of old franchises including Kid Icarus, Punch Out and heck even Fire Emblem finally seems to be getting its due. But this only got me thinking… what other franchises long forgotten should be brought back? This is what I came up with… Continue reading “Franchises Nintendo Should Bring Back”

Post E3 Thoughts 2013

A little late, but I figured it was time to share my thoughts of what happened at this year’s E3 and shortly thereafter. Obviously it was kind of a big year with both Sony & Microsoft showing off their new hardware. Yet I’ll be honest in saying I wasn’t really blown away by either. The only game that I thought looked somewhat better than current gen games was Final Fantasy XV on the PS4. Overall, graphics-wise I felt both consoles looked like more of the same of what we already have with a price increase. Continue reading “Post E3 Thoughts 2013”