Nile Online

Nile Online Review

Now that aus1 is done in Travian, I have needed something to do with my time. In particular, I’ve needed something to do with my time at work, and so I started looking around for something to do. One of my former duals in Travian suggested that I give another browser-based strategy game, called Nile Online, a chance so sure enough, I decided to give it a try.

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Wrapping Up Four Months

I wish that I could say I really have nothing to post about over the last 4 months since my last real post, but that would be an utter lie. Truth is, I’ve been busy as heck and a lot has happened in many aspects of my life. Unfortunately many other things have not happened. I’ll try to sum up in a nutshell.

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Top 10 Most Useless Critters in AC

Toward the end of my time blogging about Asheron’s Call I came up with the idea of top 10 lists within the game. The idea was to do a top 10 list each month, showcasing best xp, best quest, under-rated dungeons, site-seeing locations, etc. Unfortunately, I only got this one out the door before I really gave up on the blog as a whole (this may have been a last ditch effort to keep up interesting posts as the game was starting to become boring to me). Still, I think that this was a high quality list and I still enjoy reading it. I thought it would be fun to include updates on how things have changed in the last 9 years, if they have at all. Keep in mind that my updates may not be the greatest as I don’t even have a character above level 100 which much of the content these days is 150+.

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Websites of Old

In my return to Asheron’s Call, I got to thinking about the times I had in the olden days of AC. I thought of the old blog I used to keep of my adventuring in AC. The blog was titled “The Life & Times of Razak.” It didn’t have its own domain, I used a directory of a site previous to that called

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New MMO Bug

Every now and then I get an itch to play an older game that I enjoyed years ago on a regular basis. If you’ve read this blog regularly at all, you know that almost yearly I return to City of Heroes for a month to check out the changes and enjoy the Super Hero atmosphere. But CoH isn’t the only MMORPG that I like to return to from time to time, there are others and for the last couple of days, I’ve been wanting to return to one in particular: Asheron’s Call.

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