Champions Online Beta Impressions

A lifetime membership is a really big deal. I can only think of one particular game in the past that has ever offered one and that was Lord of the Rings Online. While I didn’t overly care for LotRO out the gate, I probably would have played for a few months and I really wanted to play it once I got sick of EQ2, but didn’t want to really pay additional costs for it at the time. So in a way I did regret not getting the membership there. Here comes the second game of Champions Online and again I was really looking forward to this MMO and am now faced with a tough decision on whether I should pay the $199 for a lifetime subscription.

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WoW Fanboys Get Validation

I am sure everyone has seen the World of Warcraft commercial that seems like it has been in every commercial break. You know the one coupled with Mountain Dew where the two people go into the grocery store, turn into orcs and start attacking each other? I doubt you’ll need it, but I’ll put it into the post below. The thought occurred to me though that this commercial is probably well loved by WoW fans even if it is an amazingly annoying and awful commercial.

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Lately I’ve been getting back into to ToonTown for some reason. I know I know it is a kids game. Really that has never bothered me though. I’ve always looked for top quality games regardless of who the game is targeted at. To me, if the game is fun it is worth playing. And honestly, ToonTown is fun and thus it is worth playing. Well at least for short bursts it is. It is kind of like City of Heroes where the repetitiveness comes up really quickly in the game.

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EQ2: Sentinel’s Fate Announced

Last week was SoE’s yearly fan fest where they have fans from all their games get together to have fun, talk about their games, and make announcements for the year ahead. I have never really been too excited about many of their other games, so of course I want to talk mostly about what they talked about in reference with [amazonify]B001EPZD7A::text::::EverQuest 2[/amazonify]. The big announcement was their yearly expansion announcement. It isn’t ever really a surprise that they announce them, but just more what exactly will be in it.

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