Asheron’s Call 2 is Back?

Over the last few days, I’ve been trying to think of something decent to write about in my usual beginning of weekend blog entry. I had a couple of ideas, but then Thursday, Turbine decided to blow up the MMO world and announce that they are returning AC2 back into action. Wha-What? This makes Asheron’s Call 2 only the second MMORPG to return from the grave, the first being Meridian 59 obviously. How could I not make a post about this game!!! Continue reading “Asheron’s Call 2 is Back?”

Re-Creating UO

A few weeks ago, I had a design idea. It was an idea that was so good that I really wanted to try to script a really base version of it to test it out. Originally, I had begun work on doing this in Neverwinter Nights. After all, the game was made from the ground up for people to go in and script their own behaviors. But it seemed a little constrictive on what I wanted to do which largely was the fault of small area zones. In order to do what I wanted to do, I needed a larger area.

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Player vs. Player in MMOs

PvP is kind of a touchy subject in MMORPGs. Most MMOs have it in some format or another, but more often than not, it is left behind in the wayside. This is largely due to the mistakes that were made in early Ultima Online history where it was more profitable to kill other players than it was to kill creatures. This made it a prohibitive game to join if you were a newer player on your own. You would likely find yourself dead quite often and then just give up and go to a different game that didn’t have PvP. Continue reading “Player vs. Player in MMOs”

Dualing in MMOs

I’ve played a lot of Travian over the last few years and perhaps one of the first things you learn as a Travian player is that one player on an account is not enough to be competitive. In my recent mini-return to Everquest 2, this has got me thinking of how this would work in an MMORPG. Granted, MMOs don’t have quite the time constraint as a 24/7 strategy war game would, but they do still consume an awful lot of time if you want to be a hardcore raider.

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