Is the 3DS the next Virtual Boy?

A lot of comparisons have been made lately to the Virtual Boy due to the recent price drop. Yes, both systems slashed their prices after less than half a year. And no, this doesn’t look particularly good for the Virtual Boy heading into a fight with the Vita, the primary reason the price was cut. But I still can’t help to note some pretty large differences.

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Finally Stepping into the HD World

After many years of relenting that I didn’t need an HDTV, my roommate and I finally caved and bought one. Our selling point wasn’t the slightly nicer picture or the generally larger screens, but rather the thiner screen that is somewhat less obtrusive in the apartment. This want of ours to have a more slimming television and the fact that both my roommate and I came upon a little extra cash, we decided to treat ourselves to a really nice quality television.

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A week with the Nintendo DSi

I had decided long ago to buy the Nintendo DSi as part of my tax return. With the purchase of Guitar Hero, that isn’t necessarily true anymore but I still wanted it. My old Nintendo DS is the old brick style DS that was originally launched five or six years ago. I had bypassed the DS Lite because I know how Nintendo likes to come out with new versions of handhelds and vowed to myself to get the next major iteration. Continue reading “A week with the Nintendo DSi”

Accidental New Computer

Kind of strange really, but as a tax return present to myself I decided I wanted to finally get my computer fixed after more than 5 months of not being able to use it. (I use my laptop on a day to day basis.) The motherboard had fritzed out (the third such ASUS motherboard which has died earlier than it should have) and so I decided to buy a new motherboard. While I was at it, I decided that RAM was cheap enough now a days that I could get an upgrade to it with a 4GB purchase. That’ll bring my RAM to 6GBs which should be plenty for at least a few years.

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DSi Announced

Last week Nintendo announced the DSi. A new version of its popular DS handheld console. Personally I am really pleased with the news. I have been wanting to get a new DS for some time because my DS is the original bigger one and I would love the small sleekness of the DS Lite, but I KNEW as soon as I bought one that they’d announce a new one. Well I waited long enough because it looks like it may finally be coming our way.

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Got My Computer Working… I think.

After months of hard work, I finally got my computer working. Or at least I think I do. I finally got it up and running last night, had it on all evening and it didn’t crash. Just turned it on this morning, and again appears good. It seems that the entire problem really was a motherboard problem that somehow looked and felt like a hard drive problem. I bought an Asus M3N-HD/HDMI, I didn’t really want to buy another Asus because that was the last one I had, but it had the features I was looking for at the price I was looking at so I just bought it. So far so good.